Professor Martin Heeney

Martin Heeney is a Professor of Organic Materials in the department of chemistry at Imperial College. His research concentrates upon the design, synthesis and characterisation of organic semiconductor materials for a range of optoelectronic applications, including field effect transistors, photovoltaic devices, light emitting diodes and sensors. His research is highly multi-disciplinary and collaborative covering aspects of organic, polymer and materials chemistry with a central theme of establishing relationships between molecular design, synthetic methodology, processing and performance.

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Email: m.heeney@imperial.ac.uk

 Ilknur Demirtas

Dr İlknur Demirtaş

İlknur completed her BSc and MSc degrees at the Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara. She then obtained her PhD degree at the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) under the supervision of Prof Turan Ozturk in 2017. She was awarded a grant by the TUBITAK to perform her postdoctoral research project “Boronic acid containing Microporous Polymer Network (MPN) sensors for bacteria detection” in the Heeney group. Her research interests involve the synthesis of fused-thiophene based materials, boronic acid derivatives of fused-thiophenes, porous materials and their applications.

Email: i.demirtas@imperial.ac.uk

 Florian Glocklhofer

Dr Florian Glöcklhofer

Florian is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellow in the Heeney group. He received his PhD in 2017 from TU Wien (Vienna) and joined Imperial College in 2018 after a one-year postdoc at TU Wien. His research interests lie in the field of conjugated small molecules and polymers for organic electronics. Currently, his focus is on the synthesis of redox-active conjugated macrocycles for transistors and batteries.

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Email: f.glocklhofer@imperial.ac.uk

 Filip Anies

Filip Aniés

Filip joined the Heeney group in 2017 for a research project as part of the completion of his MSci degree in Chemistry. Subsequently, he was awarded a Geoffrey Wilkinson Prize Studentship to pursue a PhD under the joint supervision of Prof Martin Heeney and Prof John de Mello. His research focuses on the automation of synthetic processes in the field of optoelectronic nanomaterials.

Email: filip.anies14@imperial.ac.uk

 Shengyu Cong

Shengyu Cong

Shengyu joined the Heeney group in October 2015 as a PhD student. Funded by a scholarship from Imperial College London and China Scholarship Council (CSC), his research focuses on post-polymerisation modification on conjugated backbones and the application of the resulting materials.

Email: s.cong15@imperial.ac.uk

 Bowen Ding

Bowen Ding

Bowen received his bachelor’s degree with a double major in chemistry and applied mathematics from the University of Sydney. His final year project was on probing the structure-activity relationships of Intervalence Charge Transfer in redox-active Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs). Following this, he went on to complete a MPhil in the same research group at the University of Sydney, focussing on the application of redox-active MOFs in heterogeneous catalysis. He has been awarded Presidents PhD Scholarship at Imperial for his work on using post-polymerisation modification techniques to tailor the functionality of conjugated polymers for emerging applications such as biosensors.

Email: b.ding18@imperial.ac.uk

 Qiao He

Qiao He

Qiao came to Imperial College from Henan, China in October 2016. He is working towards a PhD degree under the supervision of Professor Martin Heeney, focusing on the synthesis and characterisation of organic materials.

Email: q.he16@imperial.ac.uk

Tom Hodsden

Thomas Hodsden

Tom started with the Centre for Doctoral Training in Plastic Electronic at Imperial in 2015 after completing a MChem degree at the University of York. He is currently in the 3rd year of his PhD, part funded by Merck Chemicals KGaA, focusing on the synthesis of novel organic n-type small molecules for organic field-effect transistors.

Email: t.hodsden15@imperial.ac.uk

 Notina Kafourou

Panagiota (Notina) Kafourou:

Notina joined the Heeney group as part of the Centre of Doctoral Training in Plastic Electronics in 2016. After obtaining her BSc from University of Crete, she completed her MSc at University College London working on hybrid organic/inorganic perovskite type materials. Her project focuses on the synthesis of n-type materials and fabrication of organic photovoltaics and field effect transistors.

Email: p.kafourou16@imperial.ac.uk

 Adam Marsh

Adam V Marsh

Adam joined the Heeney group following an undergraduate (MChem) degree from Durham University in 2014. He began in the Centre for Doctoral Training in Plastic Electronics in the same year, researching carborane donor-acceptor small molecule dyads, with a focus on their photophysical properties. Adam is approaching the end of his PhD, with a thesis titled 'Carborane-Induced Deformation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons...and their Intriguing Emissive Properties'.

Email: a.marsh14@imperial.ac.uk

 Charlotte Rapley

Charlotte Rapley

Charlotte completed her MSci in Chemistry at the University of Bath. She started her EPRSC funded PhD in October 2017. Her project is focussed on all-polymer donor acceptor materials for single component organic solar cells.

Email: c.rapley17@imperial.ac.uk


Petr Ufimkin

Petr joined the Heeney group in October 2016 for the final year project of his MSci degree in Chemistry at Imperial College London. Afterwards, he stayed on to undertake a PhD focusing on the synthesis of novel non-fullerene acceptors for organic photovoltaics, partially funded by Merck Chemicals KGaA.

Email: petr.ufimkin12@imperial.ac.uk

 Wenmin Xu

Wenmin Xu

Wenmin started with the Centre for Doctoral Training in Plastic Electronic at Imperial in October 2014 after completing a MSci degree in Chemistry. She is a recipient of a scholarship from Imperial College London and the China Scholarship Council (CSC). She is jointly supervised by Prof John deMello and  Prof Martin Heeney. Her focus is on translating synthetic routes to conjugated polymers and non-fullerene acceptors for organic solar cell applications into novel microfluidics reactors.

Email: wenmin.xu10@imperial.ac.uk

 Matthias Pletzer

Matthias Pletzer

Matthias joined the Heeney group for his Master thesis in March 2019 funded by an Erasmus+ scholarship from TU Wien (Vienna). His work focuses on the synthesis of conjugated macrocycles for electron and ion transport as well as on conjugated polymers.

Email: matthias.pletzer19@imperial.ac.uk

 Martina Rimmele

Martina Rimmele

Martina is currently studying towards a MSc degree in Chemistry at TU Wien (Vienna). She joined the Heeney Group in October 2018 funded by an Erasmus+ scholarship to work on her master thesis. The focus of her research project is on the synthesis of ion and electron conducting cyanated macrocycles. Martina was recently awarded a PhD scholarship by the department allowing her to return to the Heeney group to do her PhD early in 2020.

Email: martina.rimmele18@imperial.ac.uk