the dark universe

Search for a new kind of matter with a composite scintillator detector

A. Vacheret, J.K. Sedgbeer

The goal of the SoLid experiment is to resolve the current experimental anomalies that hints at the possible existence of one or more purely neutral particles with mass of ~ 1 eV called sterile neutrinos.

SoLid will search for the disappearance of electron antineutrinos into this new state by measuring precisely the antineutrino flux emitted from the BR2 research reactor core as a function of distance and energy.

This oscillometric measurement is the only way to prove or disprove that disappearance of antineutrinos at short distances is due to the existence of a new particle. If true, such a discovery would come as a surprise and open an entirely new window into the dark universe.

Antineutrino spectrum
Illustration of the interference patterns, as a function of distance and energy, created by the mixing between an electron antineutrino and a new sterile neutrino state with a mass of 5 eV.

The Imperial SoLid group is heavily involved in the construction of two of the detector modules, simulation software development and data management. It is leading a UK collaboration that is also responsible for design and delivery of the electronics, firmware, the DAQ and online software.

ERC logo This work is supported by an ERC Horizon 2020 consolidator grant.