Imperial Horizons modules are assessed in many different ways depending of the type of module.

Details of assessment can be found on your module description and assessment deadlines will appear on Blackboard. 

Please note that assessments are very often scheduled in the last week of both the Autumn and Spring terms. Therefore, students must ensure they are available during these weeks. 

Failing to attend an exam or submit an assessment without a valid reason may lead to you failing your Horizons module.

Mitigating Circumstances
If you have a serious problem affecting your performance on your module, including coursework and examinations please refer to the Mitigating Circumstances webpage. 

Coursework Extensions
For information on requesting a coursework extension before the deadline, please refer to the Coursework Extensions webpage. 

Languages Oral Exams

Language Oral exams are scheduled at the end of the spring term and at the beginning of the summer term. You will be contacted by the coordinator for your language to arrange a suitable time for your oral exam.

Guidelines for requesting an oral exam reschedule

If you need to reschedule your oral exam more than a week in advance
Try and swap with a colleague in your class, if this is not possible contact the relevant language coordinator who will offer you a free slot where available. If you manage to swap with a colleague, please ensure you notify the relevant  of the change. 

If you need to reschedule your oral exam less than a week in advance or if you cannot attend
You must give a valid reason for a reschedule to be permitted i.e. illness/funeral/ another exam/hospital appointment. NB Reasons such as pressure of work, an impending deadline, a clash with a lecture, labs, oversleeping or forgetting the date are not acceptable. Exams take precedence. Evidence of the valid reason may be requested. If no valid reason is given, no further opportunity to take the oral exam will be offered. This may lead to you failing the module or being withdrawn and could affect your final grade for the year if you are taking your Horizons module for degree credit.

If you cannot attend please email and the relevant language coordinator

Please note that you need to attempt both the oral and written exams in order to pass the module.


Resits or resubmissions will be offered during the late Summer period to I-Explore and Degree Credit students who fail their Horizons module. Please see the Resit Policy for more information. 

Resits and resubmissions are not normally offered to students taking their Horizons module for Extra Credit or Non-Credit.

Please email with any queries.

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