Social Events HRG 

Special session on IEEE WCCI 2022 "Advanced Fuzzy Technology with Application to Interactive Robots", Padua, Italy, 18-23/07/2022

IROS 2021 workshop ''Advances in Space Robotics and Back to Earth'',  online, 1/10/2021

Summer School on Wearable Robotics, Valdecanas island, Spain, 6-10/9/2021

Workshop on "Three-hand surgery", Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics 2021, online,  7/7/2021

NeuroRehack, International Summer School and Hackathon on Neurorehabilitation Engineering, Imperial College London, UK; CMC Vellore, India;  IIT Madras, India; SUR-FSL, Italy; University of Queensland, Australia; University of Tübingen, Germany; University of Melbourne, Australia, 28/6-16/07/2021

European Computational Motor Control Summer School, Mas des Violettes, France, 7-13/06/2020

ICRA 2020, Paris, France, 31/05/2020-04/06/2020

Winter School on Wearable RoboticsObertauern, Austria, 20-24/01/2020

RehabWeek 2019, Toronto, Canada, 24-28/06/2019

Winter School on Wearable Robotics, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, 22-25/01/2019

Summer School in Robotics - Biology Symbiosis, Imperial College London, UK, 19-21/09/2017

RehabWeek 2017: Translation and Clinical Delivery, London, UK, 17-21/07/2017

Eurohaptics 2016, Imperial College London, UK, 4-7/07/2016

Summer School on Human Sensing and Applications to Robotics and Haptic Displays, Lille, France, 18-22/05/2015

Winter School on Computational Methods for NeurorehabilitationObertauern, Austria, 27-31/01/2014