Biological samples collected during the course of a clinical trial should be covered by the Clinical Trial REC approval and there is no need to apply separately to be covered by the tissue bank REC.

However, Clinical trials wishing to store material on Imperial's premises must separately register their sample collection through DOCUMAS.

Clinical trials wishing to access diagnostic samples for the purpose of their trial should fill in a Clinical Trial Material Request form (doc)‌‌.

Please email the Tissue Bank to let us know you are completing the request form. We will provide the appropriate NHS email accounts where the Request Form can be submitted.

Please note: Patient information must not be exchanged in College emails - do not submit the Request Form to the Tissue Bank email.

If samples remain after the completion of the Clinical Trial, these must be transferred to an HTA licence establishment. The tissue bank offers the option to transfer leftover clinical trial samples under the governance of our HTA licence to avoid having to destroy potentially valuable material.

Clinical Trials wishing to transfer samples under the governance of the HTA licence must get in touch with the Tissue Bank to register the collection as a new Sub-collections.