We accelerate the impact of Imperial's infection research by

Extending global reach

We aim to extend our research and its benefits to the popultations that need it most. 

Building and maintaining partnerships and collaborations

The Institute serves as a gateway to initiate discussion and collaboration with UK and international partners in industry, academia and government, signposting to relevant groups and researchers, where relevant.

Facilitating policy impact

Imperial researchers play critical roles in shaping and advising on government policies. The Institute works with The Forum team (Imperial’s policy engagement programme) to connect researchers to key stakeholders in government and policy advisory groups, to maximize the impact of our research. We also educate and empower researchers to engage with policymakers, including our Workshop on Science Communication to Policymakers and our report, “Navigating Degrees of Certainty”.

Communicating with and engaging with the public

We showcase Imperial’s infection research to the public, including through the annual Great Exhibition Road Festival and our Comunicators in Residence Programme. We can also connect researchers to key teams across Imperial, for example the Patient Experience Research Centre.