CISBIO Seminar Series

We have regular seminars covering all aspects of Systems Biology. To join our seminar mailing list please contact Michael Sternberg.

BioMaths Seminar Series

There is a regular BioMaths seminar series run by the Department of Mathematics focussing on the mathematical and statistical approaches to biology. To join please contact Philipp Thomas.

Annual Symposium

CISBIO runs an annual symposium with Imperial, national and international speakers. Recent external speakers include: Alessandra Carbone (Paris), Peer Bork (EMBL), Sophia Tsoka (King’s); Silvanus Alt (Crick); Ruben Perez-Carrasco (Crick & UCL), Sophia Tsoka (King’s), Ziheng Yang  (UCL),Janet Thornton (EBI), Rune Linding (Copenhagen), Shoshana Wodak (Brussels), Ruth Baker (Oxford), Judith Armitage (Oxford),  Hans Westerhoff (Amsterdam & Manchester).