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About us

Our group aims at discovering new science and understanding in metal forming processes including additive manufacturing, sheet metal forming, cross wedge rolling, etc., widely applied in automotive, aerospace and high-speed trains. We are interested in developing new cost efficient metal forming techniques involving various metals such as Ti, Al, Mg and nickel alloys. 





Metal Forming 2020 13 - 16 September 2020, Poland

Yaping Wang, Yuehan Liu, Tabassam Yasmeen, Kai Zhang, Jinghua Zheng presented their work


LFLightMat, 3rd Conference & Exhibition on Light Materials- Science and Technology 5-7th Nov 2019, Manchester, UK

Jinghua gave an invited talk on “the precipitate evolution in creep age forming process of AA7075” 
Kai gave a poster on ‘study of cryogenic deformation in Magnesium alloys’  
Dr Catalin Pruncu gave a talk on Evaluation of the adhesive bonding of aluminium alloys produced by Hot Form Quenching for automotive applications.   


Previous seminar: 

jw12th Feb 2020,  ‘Study the superplasticity in rocks’ was given by Prof John Wheeler Prof of Geology, Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences, the University of Liverpool 

Invited Seminars: 

jjA departmental Christmas seminar was given by Dr Jun Jiang at Materials Department, the University of Manchester, on ‘study the superplastic forming in TA15’, 3rd Dec 2019   


 Jun Jiang gave a departmental seminar at the School of Aerospace Engineering Department, Tsinghua University on ‘Study of Central Crack forming Mechanism in Cross-Wedge-Rolling’  Sept 2018


 A departmental seminar at the School of Materials Science and Engineering,  Shanghai JiaoTong University, was given by Dr Jun Jiang on ‘New fatigue crack nucleation criterion in aerospace materials’ on 11th Dec 2017