AI developments in 5G with a focus on NWDAF and RIC


Within 3GPP 5G is evolving into 5G Advanced (Rel-18), the ORAN Alliance have published their 4th release (Dawn), and the global telecoms research community are busy developing the new technologies for 6G. All these developments have one thing in common – AI/ML is at the heart the architecture developments. In 3GPP it is NWDAF, the RIC in ORAN, and 6G is being build around an AI framework.

This presentation will talk about AI developments in 5G with a focus on NWDAF and RIC, then move on to look at the requirements for machine learning in 6G with a summary of recent development in this fascinating technical arena.


Howard started his career in the fixed telecommunication sector (Plessey) back in 1982, did his degree and PhD at Bradford University, moving into radio based communications in 1989. He started working in ETSI GSM standards committees in 1993, helping create 3GPP and chairing 3GPP RAN 4 from 1998 to 2007. He has been a board member of ETSI since 2008, a member of the ICANN Nomcom in 2013 currently advising the ICANN board on mobile technology, and a member of a number of advisory boards for UK universities and research programs. His current role is ‘Vice President Communications Research’ for Samsung Electronics R&D Institute in the UK, managing a team of engineers covering ETSI, 3GPP, and GSMA. His team are also very active in the EU Horizon 2020 program with a focus on the 5G PPP activities. He also sits on the UK5G government advisory committee looking at the future of communications technology in the UK, and an advisor to the UK government on international free trade agreements.