The James West Scholarship scheme will provide full funding for up to three students per year. This includes a stipend at the standard UKRI rate and all tuition fees.

Flexible pathways

Successful candidates will be offered either a standard three year PhD, or the option of a "3+1" programme that incorporates a preliminary one-year Master of Research (MRes) degree.
The MRes option could be particularly beneficial for applicants who do not come from a Bioengineering background. 


James West Scholars will receive additional support in the form of:

• Coaching Panel

This panel will comprise the cohort and experts from the Department of Bioengineering and will provide peer learning and guidance during key stages of the PhD and skills development.

• Mentoring

Each student will have two independent mentors from a wide range of backgrounds including industry, academia, and Equity and Inclusion.


We will host various events aimed at engaging with the Imperial College community by highlighting the work and experiences of Black researchers in Bioengineering and related disciplines.

• Seminars and Talks

These events will include academic seminars to promote the work of Black researchers chosen by the James West Scholarships cohort. We will also work with established networks to organise events aimed at providing opportunities to engage with the Black experience, both in and outside of academia.

• Outreach Activities

An important and valuable part of academic life is inspiring future engineers and the public with our research. We will provide support to the James West Scholars in developing outreach events related to their specific research subjects.