language with science

MSci Chemistry with Spanish for Science (F1R4)

Course details

  • Learn about Spanish scientific culture and history
  • All courses are taught in the target language
  • These courses are not approriate for native or near-native speakers
Department of Chemistry


In addition to the Chemistry elements of the programme, the Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication provides the following:

  • training in the use and presentation of scientific and technical material in Spanish in written and oral forms. This is presented in a clear and effective manner for a range of purposes and audiences
  • an introduction to the theory and practice of translation, with a focus on Spanish for science
  • further studies in the history, politics, science and technology of Spanish speaking countries
  • a research project and taught courses at an approved educational institution in Spanish in the fourth year of the course
La Naturaleza nos es hostil porque no la conocemos: sus crueldades representan la venganza contra nuestra indiferencia. Escuchar sus latidos íntimos con el fervor de apasionada curiosidad, equivale a descifrar sus secretos"

Santiago Ramón y Cajal

Patólogo, histólogo, neurocientífico español y premio Nobel (1852-1934)

 Santiago Ramon y Cajal


Please note this programme is no longer accepting new applicants, i.e. from the 2023/24 academic year onwards. Information on these webpages is for current students only.

Course structure

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

  • General Language course (Spanish Level 5 or Spanish Level 6). A two-hour weekly language class from the Imperial Horizons Programme (Autumn & Spring terms)
  • Translation (Chemistry, Spanish-English). A two-hour weekly practical translation class focusing on discipline related texts, taught in two separate hours over two terms (Autumn, Spring).

Year 4

Year Abroad

The year is spent in a partner Spanish-speaking partner institution as part of the ERASMUS+ European exchange programme.

During this year of study, you are required to complete an extended language project.  In the Autumn following your return, you will complete a Viva on your work.