Course Description

An additional third hour of language tuition per week is intended to prepare students for study abroad. Attendance at this extra hour and completion of any preparation work allocated will be essential to achieve the proficiency required for a stay abroad beyond the scope of the general language class.
These sessions will help you to become familiar with university life and culture in the foreign country and will support your language studies through the extra face to face interaction in the foreign language they provide. You may also expect to work with scientific and technical terminology in the foreign language at a suitable level. Your teacher will introduce a variety of topics and activities to develop a whole range of skills. At the start of term youwill be provided with a general introduction to the topics and areas of practice that you will find in these classes, but you may expect the focus of each level to be as follows:


While some grammar support and general language revision is still part of this level, the focus on reading and listening will be increased. A variety of audiovisual materials will be used to enhance your language comprehension skills, enabling you to adapt to different accents and pace. Your teacher may ask you to research, read or listen to extra materials at home. Scientific and technical vocabulary will be introduced alongside cultural and university-related topics.


For this level it will consist of an in-class assessment. Completion of this level is the bare minimum required for residence abroad. Students who spend a year abroad with level 3 completed are advised to make sure they join the pre-start of year language course offered by their host university.
Assessment summary
  • A 15-20 minute in-class oral task at the end of Term 2 (100%)
  • This counts for 15% of the oral examination grade of the general Horizons language module