Image of some equipment in use in the Facility

Welcome to Flow Cytometry Facility South Kensington. The purpose of the facility is to provide state-of-the-art equipment, software, training and expertise in flow cytometry analysis and cell sorting. We are open to Imperial-based and external researchers.

Flow cytometry offers the ability to either analyse or isolate cells based on their phenotypic or functional properties. These properties can be defined in a number of ways - from extracellular or intracellular markers and proteins through to DNA content and cellular processes such as Calcium flux and membrane potential. Fluorescence used to detect these properties cover the spectrum from UV to far-red and are constantly increasing in versatility. In our facility we offer up to 64 fluorescence channels to develop your analysis. 

Please navigate this website to learn more about the equipment available at our facility and how to become a user. All our analysers can be booked and used by trained personnel. We also provide CAT2 biosafety analysis and cell sorting, and access to licensed software for data analysis. Contact us for a one-to-one consultation on your planned experiments and see how we can help.

Next cytometer demo session

As our Fortessas approach retiring age, we are researching 5 laser systems that might replace them. 

Our next invited cytometer will be the BeckmanCoulter Cytoflex – 5 lasers, 22 parameters, on the 13th-16th March at SAF 532. Please contact Jess at if you’d like to bring a sample or attend a demo session.