Happy New Year

Lab outing to celebrate 2017 Chinese New Year!  


Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine Network Meeting on the 21st of February 2017

Next half-day meeting of the  Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine Network is coming soon! The invited speaker is Professor Robin Ali (UCL) and the abstract deadlines for short talk presentations is January 30th!

December 2016 – Christmas fun


gGood company, Good food, Good games, Good fun!


EMBL pictures

Hematopoietic Stem Cells: From the Embryo to the Aging Organism


Imperial Festival pictures

We made a selection of a few pictures from the festival that we would like to share: everyone loves their home, so do Blood Stem Cells, they love the Bone Marrow environment! To better illustrate this concept we made several homes for different characters that children really enjoyed exploring! Inspired, many of the children created amazing drawings of homes. We also showed beautiful images of the microscopy performed in the laboratory to better explain our research.

If you haven't had the chance to join us, hopefully you can catch us next year!


June 2016 – EMBL Hematopoiesis

We are looking forward to going to the meeting as a group, present our work and collect feedback from many experts in the field.

May 2016 – Imperial festival

Come visit our stall in the marquee! You will learn how stem cells like and need their very special homes, and much more. 

Images will appear here soon…

December 2015 – Christmas outing 

Instead of the traditional Christmas lunch, this year we challenged ourselves with a locked room puzzle. After reading everything and checking everything against everything else, and with invaluable teamwork, we got out in way shorter than the hour we were allowed.


November 2015 - Retreat

We spent three days in the countrisude near Rye, discussing our past present and future science. We also cooked together and mixed cuisines from all over the world, we played games and walked across fields and hills. A very energising outing! 


March 2015 - Women@Imperial VIP launch

Women@Imperial VIP launch The women in the group presented a stall highlighting our research. A wonderful display of teamwork and bubbly engagement, including 'where is Wally - find the stem cell', 'pick your own bone marrow cell' and 'take your own DNA home' activities. For a video on the whole evening, featuring some of us, click here.

December 2014 - Christmas lunch

Christmas lunch joint with the Brady and Guerra groups. Some unconventional table tennis performances took place!


August 2014 - Retreat

We have recently completed our lab retreat in Oxford which was rounded out with the most dynamic croquet game in the history of the sport. Below is a documentation of this event:

Talent flown in direct from the USA (Greco Lab)
Talent flown in direct from the USA (Greco Lab)