Decoding the molecular cross-talk between blood stem cells and their niches, its role in the maintenance of homeostasis and the development of haematological malignancies.

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We are recruting a Post-doctoral researcher (Research Associate)

We invite applications for a post-doctoral researcher to work on an exciting project funded by the Wellcome Trust and The Royal Society. 

You will work on a project aiming at understanding how the HSC niche is remodelled in pre-leukaemia to favour clonal haematopoiesis and leukaemia development. We will decode the molecular crosstalk between leukemic stem cells and the bone marrow niche. This is a multidisciplinary project based on mouse models of leukaemia development, which will be analysed by multi-parameter flow cytometry, RNA sequencing and computational/systems biology methods.

Job Reference: MED03395

Closing date: 13 November 2022


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We will soon advertise a PhD student position and we welcome informal enquires about other oportunities to join the lab.