PETRONAS Centre for Engineering of Multiphase Systems


The overarching goal of the proposed centre is to address key challenges involving the engineering of multiphase systems in the energy industry. The thematic areas cover multiphase transfer processes, chemistry and materials, sand management, and systems engineering. The project within these areas will feature multi-scale experiements, molecular modelling and simulation, pore-scale modelling, computaional fluid and solid dynamics, machine-learning and big data analytics, and process systems modelling and optimization. The results from these projects will provide a range of solutions for PETRONAS, and create impact on the multiphase systems academic abd industrial communities.

The Center covers the following themes:

  • Multiphase Transfer Processes
  • Chemistry and Materials
  • Sand Management
  • Systems Engineering


  1. Molecular Modelling of APG(Alkyl-Polyglycoside) Surfactants - Harry Cardenas, Erich Muller and Omar Matar
  2. Development of Molecular Tools for Prediction of Solid CO2 Formation - Yazid Jay, Erich Muller and Omar Matar
  3. Carbonate Rock Failure and Solids Production Prediction - Ado FarsiJohn-Paul Latham and Robert Zimmerman
  4. Modelling of CO2 Desoption from solvent in MBC (Membrane Contactor) - Quek Ven Chian, Nilay Shah and Benoit Chachuat
  5. Solids Production Mitigation Control - Shawn Jin, Victor Keat, Omar Matar, Erich Muller and Paul Luckham
  6. Design of Sugar-based Surfactants through Molecular Modelling - Ariff Mafiizhullah, Erich Muller and Omar Matar