The mission of the Department of Materials at Imperial College London is to achieve enduring excellence in research and education in Materials Science and Engineering for the benefit of society.

Our vision

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We will provide a supportive environment that enables its staff and students to succeed individually and collectively in delivering outstanding research and education

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We will deliver internationally-recognised, research-inspired education programmes, producing highly-skilled graduates who are globally sought-after by universities and employers

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We will enhance our internationally-leading reputation by continuing to generate and disseminate world-class research outcomes focussing on our thematic priorities

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We will communicate the excitement and importance of materials as a discipline, to strengthen and broaden our student recruitment and engage the wider public and Government

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We will contribute to the UK’s prosperity by being the first-choice partner to industry, both nationally and internationally, and by fostering entrepreneurship in our staff and students

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We are an award-winning department, and have held the Athena Silver Award since 2010 for women-friendly work practices