The PDRA and Fellows representatives have a fundamental role in the Department promoting social and scientific events to enhance the professional and personal development of PDRAs (Postdoctoral Research Assistants/ Associates), also called postdocs, and Fellows. Our activities are planned to promote networking, training and support opportunities with the only aim to maximise PDRAs development. If you are a PDRA in the Department of Materials we would love to hear from you and get you involved in our activities so come and meet us, or if you’re interested in becoming a member of the Materials' Postdoc and Fellows Committee, please email Stella Pedrazzini.

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  • Dr Stella Pedrazzini

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    Dr Stella Pedrazzini Senior Lecturer/ Departmental PDRA and Fellows Champion

    +44 (0)20 7594 5174

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    As PDRA and Fellows Champion, I coordinate their great labour with the Department Management and the College Postdocs and Fellows Development Centre. Our activities are planned to promote networking, training and support opportunities with the only aim to maximise PDRAs development.


    Department of Materials
    Royal School of Mines
    Room 1.18 - 1st Floor

Postdoc and Fellows Committee Members

Dr Eleonora Cali - Nanotechnology and Nanoscale Characterisation

Division: Functional Materials 

Committees I'm involved in: Postdocs and Fellows Development Centre (PFDC) 

An image of Elenora CaliI’m the Nanotechnology and Nanoscale Characterisation postdoc rep in the Department of Materials. I joined Imperial in October 2014, when I started my PhD working on nanoparticles for environmental application. Since January 2018, I am a PDRA working with nanomaterials produced in-situ on support ceramic oxides for energy storage application.

The most enjoyable aspect of being a postdoc rep is to try and make every member of our community feel welcome and part of a supportive (and fun!) group. So, if you have any suggestion on ways to make this happen please get in touch: we want to hear your voice!

Dr Hongya Geng - Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Division: Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering 

Committees I'm involved in: Safety Committee 

An image of Hongya GenHi, I am one of the PDRA and Fellows representatives, working for the ultrasensitive detection of transmissible malaria. 

I joined the Department of Materials at Imperial College since 2019. My research focuses on structural and composite engineering of hydrogels systems, 2D materials, conductive polymers and multifunctional nanoparticles for peripheral nerve repair and biological analysis. 

I am always eager to find an opportunity to brainstorm about any techniques and skills that are useful, interesting, and translational. If you have any ideas about conductive polymers, hydrogels, graphene and nanoparticles that you would like to find a proper application, let us chat about that.

Dr Jelle Penders - Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Division: Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering 

Committees I am involved with: Postdocs and Fellows Development Centre (PFDC) 

An image of Jelle PendersHello, my name is Jelle. I am one of the PDRA and Fellows Representatives for  Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering. I am a Research Associate in the group of Prof. Molly Stevens, where I completed my PhD in 2019 and continue on as a postdoc. My research focuses on the development and application of novel characterisation techniques for nanoparticles and nanomaterials. 

I am a representative of the PFDC and enjoy working with them to provide the best development opportunities for the department's postdocs and fellows. I also very much enjoy organising events, both professional and scientific ones as fun team building activities. 

Please feel free to reach out and get in touch with any questions or concerns or event suggestions, either by email or drop by my desk in Room 212 RSM (desk 39).

Dr Zonghao Shen - Functional Materials

Division: Functional Materials 

Committees that I'm involved in: Health and Safety, Equality, Diversity and Culture Committee

An image of Zonghao ShenHi, I’m Hao, the PDRA and Fellows representative for the Functional Materials research theme and a member of the Equality and Diversity Committee as well as the Health and Safety Committee. I joined the Department of Materials at Imperial College as an MSc and PhD student in 2012. I enjoy being part of the Imperial community and in 2019, I re-joined Imperial as a PDRA in the Electroceramic Materials Group after working in Japan. My research is focused on the chemical degradation of the cathodes for Lithium ion batteries by using surface analysis techniques.

If you are interested in organising an event for the Department, have any suggestions, concerns or anything that you would like to raise, please feel free to drop me an email or you can always find me at Desk 18, Room 110 RSM, and I am always glad for a chat.

Dr Martina Stella - Theory and Simulation of Materials

Division: Theory and Simulation of Materials 

Committee I'm involved in: Research Committee 

An image of Martina StellaHi, I'm Martina, and I'm the PDRA and Fellows Representative for Theory and Simulation of Materials. I am a member of the group of Dr. Laura Ratcliff. I am a computational physical chemist with an interest in modelling the electronic structure of molecules and organic-light emitting materials (OLEDs) from first principles (density functional theory, DFT). I do so by developing multi-scale methods that combine different levels of theory to achieve high accuracy with reduced computational costs. I also use DFT for applications and collaborations with experimental groups for modelling the reactivity of molecules interacting with surfaces. 

I also represent PDRAs on the Research Committee of the Department. If there is anything you would like to suggest, ask, or if you would like me to discuss something with the Department, come and talk to me (in room 212 in RSM, desk 17) or send me an email!

Dr Madeleine Watson - Ceramics and Glasses

Division: Ceramics and Glasses 

Committee I'm involved in: Equality, Diversity and Culture Committee 

An image of Madeleine WatsonI am the PDRA and Fellows representative for Ceramics and Glasses. You can find me in the Centre for Advanced Structural Ceramics, where I work with Prof. Luc Vandeperre on the multiscale processing of ultra-high temperature ceramics (UHTCs.) 

I’m also a representative of the Equality, Diversity and Culture Committee, where we consider our departmental systems and practices to ensure they are fair, transparent and accessible. I’m here to help you raise concerns as they arise, please do get in touch however you feel most comfortable: call or chat with me on Teams, drop me an email, or come see me in person in RSM LM0.