What scholarships do we offer and how can these help you?

What scholarships do we offer and how can these help you?

Living expenses at university will vary considerably according to your personal circumstances and lifestyle. You can view a rough guide to what you might expect to spend to live in reasonable comfort in London on our Cost of Living in London webpage.

Our department and college offer scholarships to assist you with your living costs. 

From the Department   

You do not need to apply for departmental scholarships, as our admissions tutor will determine suitability. If you qualify for a scholarship, you will be notified and invited to submit additional information in March. 

  • Departmental Scholarships include a fee waiver + £6000 p/a towards your living costs. Recipients must be from the U.K. 

  • Ceres Scholarships include £5000 p/a. Applicants must demonstrate an interest in the energy sector in their personal statements. 

  • Four Departmental Bursaries worth £1000 p/a are available.

  • Six Widening Participation Bursaries worth £5000 p/a are available to applicants who meet the criteria for contextual offers.

From College 

These are means-tested, and we look at the information you submit to Student Finance. You must submit your Student Finance application by 31 May, even if you do not intend to take out this loan or any other government loans.

Scholarship Search Tool

You can use the Scholarship Search Tool to find more information about Imperial College London scholarships. 

The Kingsbury Scholarship is a highly prestigious engineering scholarship worth £20,000. This is one of the most valuable scholarships available to Home students, but you must apply separately.