Composite microscopic images

Providing training and assistance for state-of-the-art microscopy

Welcome to the Facility for Imaging by Light Microscopy (FILM). Our facility uses the latest equipment in light microscopy to observe life as it happens, visualising it in still images or live films. The end products are visually impressive and of cutting-edge scientific value; not to mention often being simply quite beautiful.

Whether you are a hard-core microscopist looking for the most sophisticated equipment, allowing you to push the limits of scientific imaging, or a student or life scientist who has never touched a microscope before, you will find the right tools and guidance to get the results that you need.

The facility provides access to state-of-the-art microscopy equipment and all training and assistance required for the whole range of light microscopy, from basic observations with transmitted light to multiphoton fluorescence in vitro microscopy and fluorescence lifetime imaging. We also keep moving with the latest developments in microscopy and try to implement these to enhance accessibility for life scientists.

In addition to microscopy equipment, we also provide access to software and expertise in image data analysis, general microscopy education and a platform for knowledge exchange and networking.