The facility provides a large range of microscopy equipment, from high-sensitivity widefield microscopes to confocal microscopes for multiphoton and fluorescence lifetime imaging. (For more information see our WIKI pages)

Complementing the microscopes, in our core facility (SAFB 409) we also have cell culture equipment including a sterile bench, incubator, fridge and freezer to do essential cell culture work in place. For physiological experiments, a peristaltic pump and a water bath are available.

Please note that prior to using any of our equipment, it is compulsory to complete the personal training.

Microscope hardware and accessories

Confocal Microscopes (South Kensington)

Confocal Microscope (Hammersmith)

Widefield Microscopes (South Kensington)

Widefield Microscope (Hammersmith)

Specialized Microscopes

- High Content Microscope (South Kensington)

- Super-resolution Microscope (South Kensington)

- Light sheet (South Kensington)

- STED FALCON  (Hammersmith)

Assesories (South Kensington)

Data handling

Facility users are solely responsible for their own data, but FILM tries to make data handling for users as easy as possible. At acquisition, all data are stored on local microscope harddrives. To make movement, save storage and processing as efficient as possible, FILM works together with the Bioinformatics Support Service to offer a fully functional workflow for save storage and fast and efficient microscopy data processing. For further information please see our page on data and network guidelines.