cf5 A Leica SP8 inverted confocal microscope with full incubation chamber.

Dual mode: Standard confocal mode and high speed Resonant mode for live imaging

Advantages of this microscope

  • Live confocal imaging with high sensitivity
  • Four lasers (Diode 405nm, Argon 458, 488, 514, Diode 561, Diode 594, Diode 633)
  • Automatic multipoint 4D imaging
  • 2 sensitive HyD detectors for increased sensitivity and photon-counting experiments.
  • FRAP module
  • Motorised stage - slide, dish and multiwell formats


Sir Alexander Fleming building, SAF 408
SN: 81100002087

Quickstart guide

Quickstart guide - Confocal 6 Leica SP8 Inverted (PDF)‌‌

Tiling and Multi-position Imaging (PDF)

Hardware configuration

Please see the FILM wiki page - CF6 hardware configuration

Leica Objectives

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