Composite microscopic images taken using FILM microscopic equipment

High content Inverted Widefield / Confocal Microscope with LED / laser illumination  with a fully motorised stage controlled by Nikon "JOBS" acquisition software.

Advantages of this microscope

  • Multi-Channel, Z-Stack, Timelapse, Tiles & Positions 
  • Slide, dish and multiwell formats
  • Autofocus
  • PE4000 Cooled LED light source and a range of filters for fast switching of excitation wavelengths
  • Live cell environmental control system including temperature and CO2 control
  • Hamamatsu Flash 4.0 fast camera
  • "JOBS" programmable software for experimental design


Sir Alexander Fleming building, SAF 530

Quickstart guide

Quickstart guide - Nikon High Content - Inverted(PDF)

Hardware configuration

Please see the

Flash Camera Data (PDF)

Offline software