Composite microscopic image taken using FILM equipment

Fully motorised widefield inverted microscope with an environmental chamber and Collibri LED illumination. The system is controlled by the Zen Blue software and is equipped with a large range of filter sets, 7 LEDs (385 / 430 / 475 / 511 / 555 / 590 / 630 nm), 5 objectives (10x, 20x, 40x, 63x, 100x) and a highly sensitive and fast sCMOS Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4 camera. This microscope is in a containment level 2 laboratory.

Advantages of this microscope

  • Easy to use
  • Slide, dish and multiwell formats
  • Multi-point / multiwell 4D imaging
  • Suitable for fixed samples or sensitive, fast and long-term live experiments with little photodamage
  • Excellent for object tracking


CMBI, Flowers Building, room 4.35

HTSCA website: High Throughput Single Cell Analysis - (HTSCA) Facility | Research groups | Imperial College London

Quickstart guide

Axio Observer_Handbook (PDF)

Hardware configuration

WF5 Filter Sets and LEDs (PDF)

WF5 Objectives (PDF)

Offline software