Deconvolved microscopic image taken using FILM equipment

(Picture courtesy - Kyasha Sri Ranjan: Example of widefield deconvolution)


  • Deconvolution of widefield, confocal and multiphoton data
  • Object analysis
  • Colocalization analysis
  • Charged Software


From March 15th, access the FILM Huygens software package will be different. Huygens will be run on a dedicated Windows server, which is more powerful than the current system. This should increase the speed for deconvolution by a factor of up to three.

 Please contact film-service if you require access or training of the Huygens software

Quick Start Guide - Huygens (PDF)

Saving as Tiff from Huygens (PDF)

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Refractive Index (examples)
MountantSetting/non settingRefractive index
 Cell growth media  Buffered  1.36
 DPX  Plastic hardening  1.5251
 IBIDI Mounting Medium  Aqueous non hardening  1.42 - 1.44
 Fluoromout-G  Aqueous non hardening  1.393
 MOWIOL  Glycerol hardening  1.49
 ProLong Gold Antifade Mountant  Aqueous  hardening  1.39 (initial)
     1.47 (cured)
 ProLong Diamond Antifade Mountant  Aqueous  hardening  1.39 (initial)
     1.47 (cured)
 ProLong Glass Antifade Mountant  Aqueous  hardening  1.39 (initial)
     1.52 (cured)
 VECTASHIELD® Vibrance™  Aqueous  hardening  1.38 (initial)
     1.46 (cured)
 VECTASHIELD® HardSet™  Aqueous  hardening  1.38 (initial)
     1.46 (cured)