Our services are available to academic staff of Imperial College London, as well as industrial research partners.

Before starting work in the BIC, users are required to:

  • Complete College mandatory safety training (e.g. fire e-learning).
  • Complete the Occupational Health questionnaire and be under health surveillance.
  • Provide staff with information about their project and copies of their risk assessments and PPL to assist with this process.


Usage of any facility equipment is only allowed after personal training, no matter how experienced you are.

Members of staff are responsible for specific equipment and will provide training to users. Equipment bookings should be made via the member of staff that provided the training.

Setting up a project

Please contact us ( to briefly introduce your research hypotheses and goals. We will guide you to appropriate advisors to set up a short pre-project meeting to discuss your expectations and our capabilities.

A flowchart illustrating the necessary steps required to set up a project at our imaging centre is available here: BIC imaging project process flow chart (PDF)