Innovations in Cancer Technologies 24th Sept. 2020

Innovations in Cancer Technologies

 Imperial MedTech Links Innovations in Cancer Technology 24th Sept. 2020

 Innovations in Cancer Technologies is the latest in the Imperial MedTech Links series. Organised in collaboration with Imperial's Cancer Technologies Network and CRUK's Imperial Centre this online event will explore some of the most exciting Imperial technologies for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of cancer.   The event is open to academic researchers, clinicians and colleagues from companies working in the cancer space.

Date: Thursday 24th September 2-5pm

Venue: Microsoft Teams Live

Cancer Technologies









 The event will explore Innovations in Cancer Technologies will explore under the following themes:

2-3pm Early Detection and Therapeutic Monitoring
Confirmed speakers:
Professor Daniel Elson: Surgical imaging and diagnostics with optical techniques.
Professor Darryl OverbyOrgan-in-chip platforms for ex vivo tissue preservation and drug screening. 
Dr Sam AuMicrofluidics for the Investigation and Isolation of Circulating Tumour Cell Clusters.

3-5pm Convergence Therapeutics (ie therapies which require input from engineers, clinicians, scientists and computing)
Confirmed speakers:
Professor Ferdinando Rodriguez y BaenaAn Innovative Robotic Platform for Precision Neurosurgery: Convection Enhance Delivery for Cancer Therapy Case Study.
Professor Wayne Luk, Realtime custom computing for adaptive radiotherapy.
Dr Nuria Oliva-JorgeNano particles based approach to cancer.
Professor Zoltan TakatsThe iknife
Dr James ChoiDelivering Drugs Across the Blood-Brain Barrier using a Rapid Short Pulse Sequence
Professor Paul French: Preclinical and clinical fluorescence lifetime imaging of cancer

We are keen to help you find research partners during this event and are offering you the opportunity to meet academics, clinicians and company representatives. Please contact Robert Ferguson if you are interested in partnering opportunities.

Registration: Please register on our Eventbrite page and Robert Ferguson will send you a link to the Teams Live event. Registration Link

Further Questions:
Please contact the event organiser:
Robert Ferguson,
Industrial Liaison Manager, Dept. of Bioengineering
Telephone: 07714 051273

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CRUK Convergence Science Centre

The Cancer Research UK Convergence Science Centre is a strategic partnership between the Institute of Cancer Research and Imperial College London, bringing together engineering, physical sciences, life sciences and medicine in multidisciplinary collaborations to co-create new tools, technologies and methodologies that will address challenges in cancer research.