Celebrating our launch

Prof. Nick Jennings, Vice-Provost for Research

What is the purpose of the network?

  • To link Imperial College academics working in potentially synergistic areas, providing opportunities of discourse and collaboration to identify funding opportunities, successfully bid for research funding, drive policy and guideline change, and further develop the mental health agenda.
  • To share knowledge and support new ideas and development opportunities for Imperial early career researchers and students through an established platform
  • To leverage connections with external mental health experts to enhance the learning environment and profile of mental health research at Imperial both internally and externally.

Why mental health?

Mental health has become a strategic priority for Imperial College as substantial new research funding begins to redress years of relative underfunding. Mental Health problems represent the leading cause of disability worldwide.

One in four people worldwide will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives, meaning around 450 million people currently suffering worldwide. As such mental health has become a major priority for policy and research over the past decade or so.

COVID-19 has brought this need into focus, having a detrimental impact on people's mental health and predicted a problem for years to come. Specific groups such as front line key workers and people of colour are at higher mental as well as physical risk. It is now opportune and timely to exploit the potential that Imperial College can bring to mental health research.

Who is the network for?

The network is for anyone with an interest, experience or ongoing research in mental health. It is a place to connect, collaborate, network and find out about Imperial wide work in mental health.

We hope that this website helps you to identify people, research interests and research groups, job and studentship opportunities, ongoing events and focused news items related to mental health within Imperial. - cross-faculty collaborations

Imperial departments involved in the network: