Dyson School of Design Engineering

An introduction to Design Engineering.

An introduction to Design Engineering

Design engineers are problem solvers who bridge the gap between traditional engineering and design to create innovative solutions to modern challenges, from improving passenger comfort on commercial airlines to designing next-generation sports prostheses.

It's a highly creative discipline that draws on knowledge of manufacturing techniques, product development, technical design and rapid prototyping to bring new innovations to market, and to improve existing products and the processes used for making them.

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About Us

The Dyson School of Design Engineering is the 10th and newest engineering department at Imperial College London. It was founded in 2014 and assisted by a generous donation from the James Dyson Foundation.  Our goal is to fuse together design thinking, engineering knowledge and practice, to foster a culture of innovation and enterprise, to help solve global problems with emphasis on sustainability, entrepreneurship and societal impact.

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The School offers an undergraduate MEng in Design Engineering, and two MA/MSc double masters courses run jointly with the Royal College of Art. We also offer PhD opportunities in any of our key research areas.

You can find information on our courses by following the links below:

If you would like to hear more about the courses from the School's staff or students, prospective students are welcome to attend one of Imperial's undergraduate open days or postgraduate open days.

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