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Prof Nick Oliver

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Ms Shazi Singh

The Section of Cell Biology and Functional Genomics aims to decipher the molecular basis of diabetes. It employs advanced techniques in high-resolution microscopy and molecular cell biology, as well as an extensive range of in vitro and in vivo models for the study of pancreatic function in health and disease conditions.

The Section encompasses internationally recognised groups with a strong basic research and translational angle in the field of islet biology, gut hormone endocrinology, and functional genomics.

Our research covers a number of areas including the study of beta-cell physiology and connectivity, biomarkers for type 2 diabetes, and the role of nutrient regulated protein kinases, epigenetics, microRNAs, and incretin receptor biology in beta cell function and identity, and bariatric surgery in the control of glucose homeostasis.

Head of Section of Cell biology

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We run an MSc course in Applied Genomics which includes modules on multiomics, methods for in vitro and in vivo experimentation including the use of CRISPR for gene editing, literature review and a 6-month research project.

Our MSc provides a strong foundation in both theoretical and experimental tools to unravel the molecular and cellular mechanisms of complex diseases and other biological systems.

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