REC REF:  10/H0807/101

Active and recruiting. 


In this study, we aim to gain further insight into the effect of lower limb surgery on patient’s gait. By using a simple and time efficient three-dimensional gait analysis on a commercially modified treadmill instrumented with force plates, we aim to identify subtle changes in the way patients walk before and after undergoing surgery.
The data collected will allow investigations to gain insight into gait changes specific to prostheses and surgical procedures, which may impact implant choice and design. They may also provide the opportunity to identify subtle changes in gait characteristics associated with pathology prior to symptoms occurring, which may allow early (possibly preventative) intervention.


The main objective of this study is to develop a gait test on an instrumented treadmill to assess the use of three-dimensional gait analysis to measure the effect on patients gait before and after lower limb surgery, i.e. surgery involving the pelvis, hip, knee, foot, and ankle.
The secondary objective is to compare results obtained using three-dimensional gait analysis with those from validated functional activity score questionnaires.



This is a multicentre study with the aim of developing an assessment protocol that will be universal, objective, and practical, using a modified instrumented treadmill that utilises force plates to assess up to 25 parameters of one’s gait. Parameters that will be closely looked at include pace, stride length, stride length to height, heel strike, and toe-off ground reaction forces.