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The Imperial MRC Supplement Scheme was set up using block funding from the MRC. This replaced a number of bespoke schemes previously made available to the students they fund. This scheme is run for the benefit of Imperial MRC students and helps fund a wide range of research and training activities - examples of how the awards have been used are available on the awardee profiles page.

Areas of funding

Imperial MRC-funded students may apply to one or more of the funds below using the online application form.

Internships and placements Applications to be made prior to applying for an internship or placement, and once a suspension of studies has been obtained
High cost training fund Applications in recognised areas of strategic need, such as bioinformatics, advanced in vivo training or imaging
Exceptional training opportunities fund Such as overseas fieldwork or training in new advanced research skills
In vivo strategic skill awards To provide supplementary funding to support research training in advanced integrative mammalian biology
Industry training fund To provide supplementary funding for training with industry or at the interdisciplinary interface
Outreach To enable participation in outreach activities
PhD to postdoctoral transition fund (travel) Contribution towards the cost of laboratory visits or meetings aimed at obtaining postdoctoral positions

How to apply

Please apply at least 6 weeks prior to when the funds are required. Read the application form and ensure you have all the details to hand before applying. Use the online application form to submit your funding request.

We may ask for additional information after receiving your application, and will require successful applicants to provide a brief report acknowledging MRC support.

Frequently asked questions (MRC supplement scheme)

Am I eligible to apply for funding to the Imperial College MRC supplement scheme?

You must be currently funded by the MRC for studies leading to a PhD, in order to be eligible. All MRC-funded students registered at Imperial College may apply to the scheme.

How will a decision be made?

Your application will be assessed by an academic panel.

Can I apply more than once?

If you are eligible, there is no limit on the number of applications. Applications in more than one category can also be made simultaneously.

What is the maximum funding I can apply for?

For the purposes of the Internship or Placement category, this scheme is intended to provide stipend support at your current rate (up to £1,500 per month), of no more than 3 months in duration. For all other categories, there is no maximum level, and awards up to 100% of the sum requested can be made.

For Internships or Placement application, how do I apply for interuption studies?

This scheme is intended to provide stipend support at your current rate, for the purposes of Internships and Placements, of no more than 3 months in duration. Ideally this is best suited for students who are within writing-up status but prior to submission. Students who want to take an Internship or Placement within the first 36 months of their PhD studies, are advised to apply for an Interruption of Studies (IOS).