Group leaderAnthony Bull

Anthony Bull FREng PhD DIC ACGI BEng CEng FIMechE

Professor of Musculoskeletal Mechanics

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Research group members

Research Staff and Fellows

Research Staff and Fellows

Prosthetic Knee Joint Design
Musculoskeletal health of UK military post battlefield exposure
R&D of orthotics and prosthetics for low to middle income countries
R&D of temporary external fixator for low to middle income countries
Dr. Pouya Amiri
Musculoskeletal modelling
Bone statistical shape modelling

Professional Services Staff

Professional Services Staff

Monique McLaughlin

Monique McLaughlin BEng, Msc. 
Research Group and Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Laboratory Manager



PhD and MD(Res)

PhD and MD(Res) candidates


Alice BentonAlice Benton is a PhD student from the Centre of Doctoral Training in Prosthetics and Orthotics.  Her research aims to improve the rehabilitation outcomes of bilateral transfemoral and through-knee amputees, through the development of an intervention which intends to alleviate the burden on the musculoskeletal system. Her project utilises musculoskeletal modelling to guide this development. Prior to her PhD she graduated from the University of Leeds with an Meng in Medical Engineering. 

Andrew Davis

Andrew Davies is a specialist registrar in orthopaedic surgery on the North West London (Imperial) Rotation. He is taking time out of clinical training to complete an MD(Res) in the Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College London. He was awarded his medical degree from The University of Manchester and completed his early surgical training in Bristol, U.K. He holds an MSc in Musculoskeletal Sciences from the University of Oxford. Andrew has a keen interest in shoulder arthroplasty surgery. His work will use large datasets to compare the outcomes and cost effectiveness of total shoulder arthroplasty and hemiarthroplasty, and will investigate the durability of bearing surfaces. He is attempting to regain some form of fitness in order to compete in triathlons during 2021/2022.

Caitlin Edgar

Caitlin Edgar is a PhD student from the Centre of Doctoral Training in Prosthetics and Orthotics. Her research focuses on paediatric lower limb prosthetic provision for children in low to middle income countries and post-conflict zones. The aim of the PhD is to identify the burden of injury of traumatic paediatric amputation, and thus develop and design an adaptable prosthetic limb system to enable improved delivery of prosthetic services within low-resourced settings. Prior to her PhD she obtained an MEng in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London. 

Catalina DíazCatalina Díaz is a MRes Medical Device Design and Entrepreneurship student in the Bioengineering department at Imperial College London. She is currently working in a device to support stroke patients rehabilitation using Functional Electrical Stimulation. Catalina studied Electronic and Biomedical Engineering in La Universidad de los Andes in Colombia and has experience working with wearable devices (epileptic seizure detection) and EEG signal processing. Prior to starting her MRes in Medical Device Design and Entrepreneurship, Catalina worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry for Merck, Sharp and Dohme.

Diana Toderita

Diana Toderita is a PhD student in the Royal British Legion Centre for Blast Injury Studies at Imperial College London. She combines experimental and computational methods to conduct research into the biomechanical effect of prosthetic design for lower limb transfemoral, through knee and transtibial traumatic amputees. The aim of the PhD is to provide recommendations on the adequate choice of prosthesis type for lower limb military amputees. Prior to starting her PhD, Diana obtained her MEng in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London.

Dinesh Kumara

E.A. Dinesh Kumara is a visiting PhD student in the department of Bioengineering, at Imperial College London. His main research interest is in development of an External Bone Fracture Ring Fixator for low-income countries. He is developing a new Ring Fixator clamp to eliminate the wire slippage in between clamp and the Ring. This PhD research is a collaborative research project with Imperial college London and University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. He previously obtained a B.Sc. Engineering Degree from University of Ruhuna, in Sri Lanka, and specialized in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering. Currently, he works as a lecturer in University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka. Previously, he worked as the head of the autonomation department at MAS Active (pvt) Ltd- Asialine, Sri Lanka and Nikini Automaton Systems(pvt) Ltd Company, Sri Lanka as an Engineer.

Hristo DimitrovHristo Dimitrov is a PhD student from the centre for doctoral training in Neurotechnology. His main research interest is in control of active below-knee prostheses. He combines musculoskeletal modeling, machine learning and sensor fusion techniques to design a new approach for lower limb prosthetic control aimed to reduce the medical complications linked with daily lower limb prosthesis use and extend prostheses' capabilities. He has previously obtained an MEng in Bioegineering from the University of Sheffield, an MRes in Neurotechnology from Imperial College London, and has an industry experience as a medical device engineer at GlaxoSmithKline.

Johannes StaufenbergJohannes Staufenberg is a medical doctor who departed his most recent role as a clinical fellow in spinal neurosurgery at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in 2021. His primary medical degree and BSc in Surgical Science were both awarded by UCL, where he focussed on tissue engineering. He is completing an MRes in Medical Device Design and Entrepreneurship, working on both the technical and business aspects of a novel lower limb prosthetic for use in developing countries. This aligns with his particular interest in innovative bioengineering technologies, medical device development and strategies to deliver this meaningful research to patients.

Martin Ramette

Martin Ramette is a PhD candidate in The Royal British Legion Centre for Blast Injury Studies, at Imperial College London. His research focusses on the abnormal formation of bone within the soft tissue of war-wounded amputees, a condition called Heterotopic Ossification and occurring significantly among blast-related casualties. He investigates the putative impact of the mechanical environment on the onset and progression of the disease, through a computational model. He previously obtained a Diplôme d’Ingénieur degree from École Centale Paris, in France, and specialised in Biomedical Engineering with the corresponding MSc at Imperial College London. His keen interest in human movement and biology coupled with his desire to be useful to society, compliments his current research position.

Tiereny McGuire Tiereny McGuire is a PhD student from the Centre of Doctoral Training in Prosthetics and Orthotics. Her research looks at osseointegrated (OI) prostheses with focus on the biochemical and mechanical interactions and events that occur at the bone-implant interface. The intended aim of the PhD is to develop a toolbox that will optimise the design process for a variety of complex constraints, thus enabling the development of novel componentry that will improve OI prostheses systems. Prior to her PhD she obtained a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Warwick followed by an MSc in Mechanical engineering at the University of Nottingham. She has also worked as a musculoskeletal researcher in the Health and Wellbeing department at the University of Winchester.


Alumni - Research Staff

Alumni - Research Staff

2021-2018  Dr. Zepur Kazezian
In vivo heterotopic ossification model of blast injury
2021-2016 Dr. Lance Rane
Reinforcement learning within rehabilitative medicine
Clinical testing of low-cost knee prostheses for low-to-middle income countries.
2020-2018 Dr. Eline van der Kruk
Predict mobility impairments due to ageing
2020-2013 Dr. Enrica Papi
Human movement biomechanics and rehabilitation
2020-2016 Dr. Grigorios Grigoriadis
Heel biomechanics in blast injuries
2020-2016 Dr. Daniel Nolte
Bone shape and statistical modelling
2019-2014 Dr. Ziyun Ding
Advanced musculoskeletal biomechanics modelling for British amputees after blast injuries
2019-2018 Dr. Michael Berthaume
NIHR Research Group on Post Conflict Trauma

2018-2016 Dr. Erica Di Federico
Tissue mechanics in blast

2018-2016 Mr. Chris Natt
Prosthesis for through-knee amputee

2018-2016 Dr. Fani Tsitouroudi
Model of heterotopic ossification

2017-2016 Dr. Spencer Barnes
Implant for a transfemoral amputee

2016-2013 Dr. Angelo Karunaratne
High strain rate loading scenarios on bone and cartilage

2015-2008 Dr. Claire Donaghue
Osteoarthritis prognosticator

2015-2006 Dr. Theofano Eftaxiopoulou
Lower limb injury modelling

2015-2009 Dr. Dominic Southgate
Research and Teaching Fellow

2015-2009 Dr. Kai Yu Zhang
Modelling the variability in shape of the lower limb skeletal and muscular anatomy

2014-2013 Dr. Simin Li
Deformation and fracture of cortical bone tissue under dynamic loading

2014-2013 Dr. Simon Read 
Musculoskeletal modelling pipeline
2012-2011 Dr. Angela Kedgley 
Musculoskeletal modelling pipeline for tissue stresses at the knee

2012-2008 Dr. Spyros Masouros
Experimental and computational modelling of the lower limb under high loading rates

2011-2010 Dr. Aliah Shaheen
Shoulder taping and impingement syndrome

2009-2008 Dr. Yuhui (Margaret) Yang
Statistical shape modelling and ultrasound instantiation

2004-2002 Dr.Jeremy Loh 
Biofeedback tool for ergometer rowing


Alumni - Higher Degrees

Alumni - Higher Degrees by Research

DegreeAward dateNameThesis titleName of joint supervisor, where appropriate
PhD 2021 Urbanczyk, Caryn Shoulder and spine biomechanics during rowing 1mary   sup: Alison McGregor, Surgery
PhD 2020 Shanel, Suzanne The musculoskeletal biomechanical impact of military training whilst wearing a weighted backpack in females.  
PhD 2020 HENSON, David  Amputee biomechanics 2ndary sup: Alison McGregor, Surgery
PhD 2020 RANE, Lance Prediction and control in human neuromusculoskeletal models 2ndary sup: Alison McGregor, Surgery
PhD 2020 MOHD RUZLI, Wan Morphology of the bones of the wrist 1mary sup: Angela Kedgley, Bioengineering
PhD 2020 NOLTE, Daniel Using statistical models of shape in musculoskeletal biomechanics and orthopaedic reconstruction SOLE
PhD 2019 WILES, Crispin  A structural characterisation of human heterotopic bone Co-1mary: Alison McGregor, 2ndary sup: Richie Abel, both Surgery
PhD 2019

YEH, Chia-Han (Marvin)

Achilles tendon biomechanics Angela Kedgley, Bioengineering
PhD 2018


Thoracic injuries in blast Jon Clasper, Surgery
PhD 2018

KLEMT, Christian

Customisation of musculoskeletal models Peter Reilly, Bioengineering/Surgery
PhD 2018


Validation of muscle force predictions in musculoskeletal models SOLE
PhD 2018


Quantifying musculoskeletal reserve in the elderly Peter Reilly, Bioengineering/Surgery
PhD 2017

AZMI, Nur Liyana

Musculoskeletal dynamics and muscle function in ACL injury SOLE
PhD 2017


A Novel In-Vivo Biomechanical Model of Knee Osteoarthritis in Rodents SOLE
MD(Res) 2017


Traumatic amputations and Heterotopic Ossification Jon Clasper, Bioengineering
PhD 2017

Jon, Clasper

The mechanics of heterotopic ossification SOLE
MPhil 2017

DAVIS, Graham

Kinetics of rowing Alison McGregor, Surgery
PhD 2017

ISMAIL, Siti Aida

Quantitative Ergonomics and Upper Limb Disorders Angela Kedgley, Bioengineering
MRes 2017

IGAH , Ibi

Biomarkers in a novel model of osteoarthritis SOLE
PhD 2016 GRIGORIADIS, Grigorios  Heel biomechanics in underbody blast  Spyros Masouros, Bioengineering
MD(Res) 2016 SINGLETON, James  Blast injuries and cause of death  Jon Clasper, Bioengineering 
PhD  2016  PERSAD, Lomas  Shoulder injury in cricket bowlers  SOLE 
MD(Res) 2016  BONNER, Tim  Blast injuries of the knee  Jon Clasper, Bioengineering 
PhD 2016  BHUTA, Asim  Biomechanics of Shoulder Arthroplasty Implantation  SOLE SOLE (with industrial supervisor, Edward Draper) 
MRes  2015  VILLAPUN, Victor  Biomechanics of rowing  SOLE
PhD 2014 CHEONG,Vee San Structural failure and fracture of immature bone  SOLE
MRes  2014  BRITZMAN, David   A novel in vivo model of knee osteoarthritis  SOLE
PhD 2014 WEINERT-APLIN,Robert   Development of a Foot and Ankle Musculoskeletal Model: Implications for Achilles Tendinopathy  Alison McGregor, Surgery 
PhD  2014 


Shape modelling of articular cartilage at the knee  Daniel Rueckert 
PhD  2013 

BORHANI, Maedeh 

Pelvic motion in gait  Alison McGregor, Surgery 
 PhD  2013


Lower limb effects in the rowing activity  Alison McGregor, Surgery
 MD(Res)  2013  


The Central Tendon of the Supraspinatus: Structure and Biomechanics

R. Emery, Surgery; P. Reilly, Surgery

 PhD  2013  NEWELL, Nic Foot and ankle blast injury and its mitigation Spyros Masouros, Bioengineering
 PhD  2013  

PANDIS, Petros

Musculoskeletal biomechanics of the shoulder in functional tasks   Adam Hill
 PhD  2012 PRINOLD, Joe Scapular function in high acceleration activities  SOLE 
 PhD  2012 MODENESE, Luca Hip contact force prediction using a musculoskeletal model of the lower limb  Andrew Phillips, Civil Engineering 
 PhD  2012


Lower limb blast injuries  Jon Clasper, Bioengineering 
 MD(Res)  2012 MAJED, Addie  Proximal Humeral Fractures   

R. Emery, Surgery; A. Amis, Mechanical Engineering and Surgery

 PhD  2011


Measuring Elbow Kinematics In Cricket Bowling  John Dear, Mechanical  Engineering 
 PhD  2011

CUOMO, Pierluigi 

Biomechanics of Double Bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction  Andrew Amis, Mechanical Engineering and Surgery 
 PhD  2011

CLARKE, Susannah 

Preclinical testing of hip joint arthroplasty  Andrew Phillips, Civil Engineering  
 MD(Res)  2011


Assessment of shoulder function in rotator cuff disease  Andrew Wallace, Surgery 
PhD  2010  


Forces in the knee during vertical jumping and weightlifting SOLE 
PhD  2010  


Novel approaches to statistical shape modelling of bone  SOLE 
PhD 2010  SHAHEEN, Aliah  Tracking Scapular Movement  SOLE 
PhD 2009  MURPHY, Andrew  Elite rowing: technique and performance  Alison McGregor, Surgery 
PhD  2009   


Capsular Restraints of the Glenohumeral Joint  Ulrich Hansen, Mechanical Engineering  
PhD  2008 

MASOUROS, Spyridon 

Articular contact in the knee joint: a finite element study  Ulrich Hansen, Andrew Amis 
PhD  2008  ROCHE, Aidan  Hand Movement: Perception, Control, Imitation & Neural Activity.  Anil Bharath, Bioengineering 
PhD  2008 

CHUNG, Clarice 

Biomechanics of weightlifting  Alison McGregor, Surgery 
PhD  2008  YANG, Yuhui (Margaret)  Shape modelling of bones  Daniel Rueckert, Computing 
MS  2008  SMITH, Chris  Properties of the labrum Andrew Amis, Mechanical Engineering 
MS 2006  EDWARDS, Andrew  Insertional anatomy of the ligaments of the knee  Andrew Amis, Mechanical Engineering  
PhD 2006  AMADI, Hippolite  Function and mechanics of the passive stabilisers of the shoulder Ulrich Hansen, Mechanical Engineering 
PhD 2006 HILL, Adam Kinematic modelling of the shoulder SOLE
PhD 2004 GUPTE, Chinmay The meniscofemoral ligaments Andrew Amis, Mechanical Engineering
MS 2004 ROBINSON, James The posteromedial corner of the knee: its anatomy, mechanical  Andrew Amis, Mechanical Engineering
MS 2002 MCDERMOTT, Ian Human meniscal allograft transplantation: a biomechanical study Andrew Amis, Mechanical Engineering
Alumni - Higher Degrees by Research
Alumni - Higher Degrees by Research


Honorary Postion 




Lance RaneDr. Lance Rane is a medical doctor and engineer. Lance draws on his background in neuroscience, rehabilitation, biomechanics and machine learning to lead Biomex.