Group leaderAnthony Bull

Anthony Bull PhD DIC ACGI BEng CEng FIMechE

Professor of Musculoskeletal Mechanics

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Research group members

Research fellows

Associated Research Fellows

Research staff

Research staff

Dr Ziyun Ding
Musculoskeletal modelling

Dr Erica Di Federico
Microstructure and mechanical properties

Dr Daniel Nolte
Bone shape and statistical modelling

Support staff

Support staff

Monique McLaughlin BEng, Msc.

Research Group and Laboratory Manager- Musculoskeletal Biomechanics  


PhD and MD(Res)

PhD and MD(Res) candidates

Dave Henson
Musculoskeletal modelling of prosthetics

Tim Bonner
Knee and thigh injuries from anti-vehicle mine explosions

Hassan Admadzadeh
Validation of multiple force predictions in musculoskeletal models

Lomas Persad
The biomechanics of the upper limb in cricket

Jon Goodwin
Sprint biomechanics

Nur Liyana Azmi
Musculoskeletal dynamics and muscle function in ACL injury

Neil Walker
Lower leg injuries from mine explosions

Darshan Shah
Development of wrist simulator

Siti Haida Binti Ismail
Upper limb quantitative ergonomics

Graham davis
Kinetics of rowing

Asim Bhuta
Shoulder implant biomechanics

Vassia Vardakastani
Biomechanics of osteoarthritis

David Britzman
A novel in-vivo biomechanical model of knee osteoarthritis in rodents

Dafydd Edwards
Traumatic amputations and heterotopic ossification

Vassia Vardakastani
Biomechanics of hand osteoarthritis

Grigorios Grigoriadis
Heel biomechanics in blast injuries

Naomi Rosenberg
The mechanics of heterotopic ossification

Rui Xu
FES and modelling of the knee

Sam Smith
Musculoskeletal reserve

Christian Kempt
Shoulder modelling

Chia-Han Yeh
Achilles Tendinopathy

Alumni - research staff

Alumni - research staff

2006-2015 Dr Theofano Eftaxiopoulou
Lower limb injury modelling

2013-2016 Dr Angelo Karunaratne
High strain rate loading scenarios on bone and cartilage

2008-2015 Dr Claire Donaghue
Osteoarthritis prognosticator

2009-2015 Dr Dominic Southgate
Research and Teaching Fellow

2009-2015 Dr Kai Yu Zhang
Modelling the variability in shape of the lower limb skeletal and muscular anatomy

2013-2014 Dr Simin Li
Deformation and fracture of cortical bone tissue under dynamic loading

2008-2012 Dr Spyros Masouros
Experimental and computational modelling of the lower limb under high loading rates

2010-2011 Dr Aliah Shaheen
Shoulder taping and impingement syndrome

2008-2009 Dr Yuhui (Margaret) Yang
Statistical shape modelling and ultrasound instantiation

Alumni - higher degrees

Alumni - Higher Degrees by Research
DegreeAward dateNameThesis titleName of joint supervisor, where appropriate
PhD 2016 Bhuta, Asim Shoulder implant biomechanics  
PhD 2015 Cheong, Vee San Structural failure and fracture of immature bone Spyros Masouros (SM, Bioengineering)
PhD 2014 Weinert-Aplin, Robert Development of a Foot and Ankle Musculoskeletal Model: Implications for Achilles Tendinopathy AHM
PhD 2014 Donoghue, Claire Shape modelling of articular cartilage at the knee DR
PhD 2013 Borhani, Maedeh Pelvic motion in gait AHM
PhD 2013 Buckeridge, Erica Lower limb effects in the rowing activity AHM
MD(Res) 2013 Thomson, Simon The Central Tendon of the Supraspinatus: Structure and Biomechanics RJHE, PR
PhD 2013 Newell, Nic Foot and ankle blast injury and its mitigation AMH
PhD 2013 Pandis, Petros Musculoskeletal biomechanics of the shoulder in functional tasks Adam Hill (AMH, Honorary Bioengineering)
PhD 2013 Prinold, Joe Scapular function in high acceleration activities  
PhD 2012 Modenese, Luca Hip contact force prediction using a musculoskeletal model of the lower limb ATMP
PhD 2012 Ramasamy, Arul Lower limb blast injuries Jon Clasper (JC, Honorary Bioengineering)
PhD  2012 Majed, Addie Proximal Humeral Fractures Roger Emery
PhD 2011 Eftaxiopoulou, Theofano Measuring Elbow Kinematics In Cricket Bowling John Dear
(JD, Mech Eng)
PhD 2011 Cuomo, Pierluigi Biomechanics of Double Bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction AAA
PhD  2011 Clarke, Susannah Preclinical testing of hip joint arthroplasty Andrew Phillips
(ATMP, Civ Eng)
MD(Res) 2011 Banerjee, Sughran Assessment of shoulder function in rotator cuff disease Andrew Wallace
(ALW, Surgery)
PhD  2010 Cleather, Daniel Forces in the knee during vertical jumping and weightlifting  
PhD 2010 Tardugno, Angelo Novel approaches to statistical shape modelling of bone  
PhD  2010 Shaheen, Aliah Tracking Scapular Movement Informal joint: Caroline Alexander (Imperial NHS Trust)
PhD 2009 Murphy, Andrew Elite rowing: technique and performance AHM
PhD 2009 Southgate, Dominic Capsular Restraints of the Glenohumeral Joint UNH
PhD 2008 Masouros, Spyridon Articular contact in the knee joint: a finite element study UNH, AAA
PhD 2008 Roche, Aidan Hand Movement: Perception, Control, Imitation & Neural Activity Anil Bharath
(AAB, Bioengineering)
PhD 2008 Chung, Clarice Biomechanics of weightlifting Alison McGregor
(AHM, Surgery)
PhD 2008 Yang, Yuhui (Margaret) Shape modelling of bones Daniel Rueckert
(DR, Computing)
MS 2008 Smith, Chris Properties of the labrum AAA
MS 2006 Edwards, Andrew Insertional anatomy of the ligaments of the knee AAA
PhD 2006 Amadi, Hippolite Function and mechanics of the passive stabilisers of the shoulder Ulrich Hansen
(UNH, MechEng)
PhD 2006 Hill, Adam Kinematic modelling of the shoulder  
PhD 2004 Gupte, Chinmay The meniscofemoral ligaments AAA
MS 2004 Robinson, James The posteromedial corner of the knee: its anatomy, mechanical properties and action in restraining tibio-femoral kinematics AAA
MS 2002 McDermott, Ian Human meniscal allograft transplantation: a biomechanical study Andrew Amis
(AAA, MechEng)
Alumni - Higher Degrees by Research
Alumni - Higher Degrees by Research