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Support creativity at Imperial by making a gift to the Blyth Centre

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Make a gift to the Blyth Centre and help more members of our Imperial community access the joys of music, art and creativity.

The Blyth Centre is an extraordinary resource that has been at the heart of cultural life at Imperial for more than twenty years. The Centre brings together creative, talented and passionate students and staff to create, enjoy and celebrate, music and the arts.

Extensive research demonstrates how creative endeavours can enhance cognitive gains, improve connections in the brain and help to reduce stress and anxiety. With an ever-increasing emphasis placed on emotional health and wellbeing, it has never been of greater importance to provide access to creative outlets.

Under the leadership of Oliver Gooch, Director of the Blyth Centre and Director of Music (former Associate Conductor at the Royal Opera House), Imperial seeks to extend its commitment to the arts as a key part of its health and wellbeing programme.

Make a gift to the Blyth Centre today and help us expand our performing and visual arts programme. With your support, we can help more students, staff and our local community to harness their creativity, take part in classes and workshops, and experience the joys of live music and the arts.

How your gift can make a difference

Gifts of all sizes can greatly impact a student’s overall experience at Imperial and allow them to continue pursuing their extra-curricular interests.

  • A gift of £45 could pay for an hour lesson in singing, piano or violin for a student with musical ability, but without the means to pay.
  • A gift of £250 could support a student travelling with a society to play in a concert or take part in a competition.
  • A gift of £1,000 could fund an Art Fellowship or a concert as part of the International Chamber Recital Series.
  • A gift of £5,000 could increase provision of art tutoring or sponsor a concert series in Hammersmith.
  • A gift of £10,000 could fund a Scholarship for an exceptional student musician, giving them the opportunity to have lessons at the Royal College of Music alongside their studies.
  • A gift of £25,000 could fund the cost of our annual Lunchtime Concert Series.