Blyth Art StudioThe Blyth Art Studio is available for use by current students and staff of Imperial College. 

The studio is a neutral, quiet space, with natural light, easels and tables.

Room RODH 319 

Roderic Hill Building,  South Kensington Campus, Imperial College, London

How to get to Blyth Art Studio

Studio Use


The Art Studio can be used by current Imperial students and staff to make art.

It can be accessed during Blyth Art Classes  or at other times to these taught sessions.

This is a non-bookable, open access, creative communal space. Register to use the Blyth Art Studio.




Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 18:00 (No weekend availabilty.)

There is no open access availability Wednesdays between 11.45 - 16:00 so that the Blyth Art Classes can be taught.


Studio Terms and Conditions

Blyth Art Studio offers you

 A free studio space in which to create artwork.

  • Use of easels, drawing boards, tables, and drying drawers. 
  • A sink to clean water-based products from tools etc.
  • General open access to the studio throughout the week/weekend (apart from Wednesday afternoons during art classes and certain evenings when student societies will be working in the studio)

Rules for studio use

  • You must be a current student or staff member of Imperial College London. (It cannot be used by friends, visitors, or alumni)
  • The studio is to be used solely for making art. 
  • The studio is not a bookable space. It is an open access creative communal space.
  • Be respectful to other people and their artworks whilst in the studio. 
  • Work quietly and only use mobile phones with discretion. Do not play music without headphones.
  • Leave the studio clean and tidy, as you would hope to find it. 
  • Take your artwork and materials home with you. Work may be only left in the studio only whilst it is drying. The studio accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to work and/or art materials. All uncollected work with be disposed of during the summer. 


Keep studio users safe and secure by adhering to Health and Safety rules

  • Do not let other people into the building who do not have an activated ID card. Close all windows before you leave and close the door firmly behind you.
  • No hot work (working with a naked flame) may be undertaken in the studio. 
  • Do not use materials that create dust, fumes, gases or toxins in the studio. E.g: spray paint, fixative, solvents (white spirits/ turpse), resins etc.
  • Should the fire alarm sound, please make your way to the nearest exit.
  • If you feel unwell, please don’t come to the studio. If you feel unwell while you are in the art studio, please let a member of staff know or call security on 4444