Management Group

The day-to-day management of eNewborn is coordinated by Professor Modi through the Neonatal Data Analysis Unit at Imperial College, in conjunction with other members of the eNewborn Management Group (Professor Dominique Haumont; Professor Mark Turner, Professor of Neonatal Medicine, University of Liverpool, UK; Professor Alex Bottle, Professor of Statistics, Imperial College London). The Project Manager is Dr Ricardo Ribas, Neonatal Data Analysis Unit, Imperial College London.


International Investigator Group

This consists of the eNewborn Management Group, and a representative from each contributing country or network:

Armenia: Professor Pavel Mazmanyan

Belgium: Professor Gunnar Naulaers

Czech Republic: Dr Jan Smisek

France: Professor Jacques Sizun

Germany: Dr Helmut Kuster

Greece: Dr Georgios Mavrogeorgos

Iran: Dr Mohammadbagher Hosseini

Italy: Professor Francesco Raimondi and Dr Roberto Bellu

Japan: Professor Satoshi Kusuda

Luxembourg: Dr Stephanie Coquelet

Poland: Professor Janusz Gadzinowski

Portugal: Professor Ana Cristina Freitas

Switzerland: Dr Mark Adams

Spain: Professor Fermín Rodrigo Garcia-Munoz

United Arab Emirates: Dr Nicholas Hoque


International Scientific Advisory Group:

Ms Silke Mader, Chair of the Executive Board, European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants

Professor William Tarnow-Mordi, University of Sydney Clinical Trials Unit

Professor Charles Roehr, President, European Society for Paediatric Research

Professor Alan Boyd, Past-President, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine

Heidrun Hildebrand, Paediatric Development Alliance Manager, and Montse Soriano-Gabarro, Head Partnerships and Integrated Evidence Generation, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Natalia Meshchenkova, Neonatology Medical Manager, Global Medical Affairs, and Dr Laura Fabbri, Head of Clinical Neonatology and Global Clinical Development, Chiesi Pharmaceuticals



Imperial College London has registered the eNewborn database. For further information, please contact the Head of Regulatory Compliance at: Joint Research Compliance Office, Imperial College London and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Room 215, Level 2, Medical School Building Norfolk Place London, W2 1PG Tel: 0207 594 9459/0207 594 1862