Latin American Women in STEM: ESE unveils video interview series


Collage of images of Catalina and Camila as kids and now, as women in STEM.

In celebration of Women at Imperial week, the Department of Earth Science and Engineering (ESE) is launching an inspiring video series.

Aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM, the video series highlights the stories of six Latin American women across Imperial through engaging interviews.

By sharing experiences from women in different fields and stages of their careers, the videos seek to inspire and encourage young girls from Latin America or other underrepresented backgrounds to pursue careers in STEM.

ESE will be unveiling a new video every day during Women at Imperial week. Each video covers a different question, delving into these women’s personal backgrounds, career trajectories, and influences, while also offering valuable advice. The videos are in Spanish, with English subtitles, to make it as accessible as possible to Latin American girls.

The initiative, led by Dr Catalina Pino Muñoz, was made possible through the generous support of the Equality, diversity, inclusion and culture (EDIC) committee at ESE (through ESE’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science Outreach Fund).

The project also involved members from the Department of Chemical Engineering, the National Heart & Lung Institute, the Faculty of Medicine, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Communications division.

Meet our Latin American Women in STEM

From studying vaccine development to underground fluid dynamics, each interviewee brings a unique perspective to the table:

  • Dr Catalina Pino Muñoz, from Chile, is a Research Associate working on energy devices like batteries and fuel cells, and seeking to understand the chemical and electrical processes that control how they store and convert energy.
  • Giuliana Mastropietro, from Uruguay, is doing a PhD in vaccine development for neglected tropical diseases.
  • Dr Camila Muñoz Escobar, from Chile, is a Research Associate working on improving diffusion tensor cardiac MRIs.
  • Dr Adriana Paluszny, from Venezuela, is a Reader who uses computer simulations to understand underground fluid dynamics and rock fractures.
  • Dr Paula Ordóñez Suárez, from Colombia, is a Teaching Fellow and biomedical research scientist focusing on retrovirus-host interactions.
  • Paola Alvarado, from Peru, is an MSc student studying Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering.

To find out more, please visit:

In a new video series, we spoke to some of our Latina researchers about their research and careers. Meet our researchers in this introductory video.


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