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Ultrasound is widely employed in medical diagnostics because it is real-time, safe and relatively inexpensive. The activity of the group ranges from ultrasound imaging to the development of devices for guided intervention and implant monitoring.


Breast Cancer

One in nine women in the UK and USA will develop breast cancer during their lives.  X-ray mammography is currently recommended for screening postmenopausal women due to its limited effectiveness in younger patients.  However, it has now been shown that ultrasound has higher sensitivity in younger women, thus holding the potential for the development of a technology that could lead to earlier cancer detection.

Breast Cancer Projects

Automating Defect Visibility Assessment in Radiographs and Sophisticated Film Noise Modelling

Improving the visibility of biopsy needles under ultrasound guidance

Super Resolution Subsurface Sensing

Imaging beyond the Born Approximation: a physical approach

Breast Cancer Project


Guidance of interventional devices during surgical procedures and condition monitoring of implants are two areas of major interest.  Ultrasound and lower frequency mechanical vibrations can be engineered into a economic and robust technology capable of addressing these tasks. 

Devices Projects

Development of a Test for Dental Implants

Improved Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Devices Image