A group of students, academics and technical staff standing over a research reactor in RomaniaA significant evolution of the successful ICO CDT, the Nuclear Energy Futures CDT is tasked with graduating up to 80 PhDs that will provide innovation and leadership for the future of the UK nuclear industry and the the global environment in which it operates.

Nuclear power generates the largest fraction of low-carbon electricity in the UK and has a positive impact on the security and stability of our nation's energy supply. As the UK curbs fossil fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, includes a greater proportion of renewable energy, and at the same time electrifies road transport and decarbonises central heating, nuclear power assumes a vital role in any future energy mix as a source of low-carbon baseload electricity.

To ensure nuclear is an important part of a greener and securer future, the skills shortage needs to be addressed, new build and decommissioning costs need to come down, geological disposal must be explored, and the UK has to have the skills to contribute meaningfully to cutting-edge technologies, such as fusion and Gen IV reactors.

A large group of students and academics having dinner together in a restaurantThe Nuclear Energy Futures CDT places student experience at the heart of the programme. We listen to your research interests and link you to stimulating PhD projects supported by a team of industry and academic experts.

While doing your PhD you undertake specially-designed modules to give you the knowledge and ability to navigate the nuclear landscape in its entirety, and participate in cohort-building activities that will take you across the world and professional development courses to prepare you for a rewarding career.

We are an inclusive and diverse CDT: apart from the minimum entry requirement, we are determined that no one that is motivated to join the programme should be stopped from doing so. Our courses are supported by distance learning so you can learn around your schedule, and there are options for part-time and flexible study if you have existing commitments.

Find out how to play your role in a better energy future by viewing our CDT programme.