The Centre for Nuclear Engineering is dedicated to outreach. We aim to be a trusted, independent source of information on all nuclear matters and our voice should reach members of the College, universities and centres of learning, industry, regulators and government - nationally and internationally.

Currently a lot of our outreach is done through the two active CDTs; the Nuclear Energy Futures (NEF) CDT and the Imperial Cambridge Open (ICO) CDT. Here students across Imperial and partner universities work on various outreach programs. These include stands at the Great Exhibition Road festival and the Cambridge Science festival, where students demonstrate concepts from their research to the public with interactive displays and demonstrations (as seen below). 

The CDTs are also active in working with schools to showcase the educational and career paths open to children as they near A-levels and university stage, and hope to spark some interest in nuclear and related areas. The students in the NEF cohort are always keen to hear from primary and secondary teachers who are looking for such visits and talks