We should encourage our students to take part in the wide range of opportunities available to them. To become aware of these please explore the links below:

Work-life balance

Students are responsible for setting their own balance between their academic work and social, sporting and other extra-curricular activities; however, their principal focus should be on the academic demands of their programme. Students are expected to produce regular coursework to deadlines and prepare for classes/labs, as well as revising for examinations. As a personal tutor your role might be to help them get that balance right. Some of your tutees might need to be encouraged to make time to take advantage of the unique opportunities available to them as Imperial students. Some students regret that they didn't get more involved! Other tutees might need help in prioritising their studies, especially at key times. 

If your tutees are working part-time during term time, you can find guidance and advice in the College’s Policy on Student Employment During Studies.


Tutor's tip

"Treat your tutees with respect. These are clever young people and we are very lucky to be surrounded by the very best of them. Make sure they know this as this boosts their confidence and increases their enjoyment of the course. Support them in realising their dreams by sometimes making them adapt their dreams to more realistic endeavours. Remember, it is not always all about work!" (Personal Tutor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Student perspective

“He makes an effort to meet us twice a term to see how we are doing and he provides advice on how to have a good and healthy work-life balance as an international student.”