Some students have complex needs that need careful handling. Experienced Personal Tutors recommend that you:

  • Avoid having a meeting alone with any student that is completely out-of-sight, out-of-earshot, or out-of-hours.
  • Consider arranging meetings where the Senior Tutor is present too if you are particularly concerned about a student’s behaviour.
  • Avoid off-the-cuff jokes that might be misinterpreted.
  • Keep a box of tissues in your desk for distressed students: give them a hankie, not a hug.
  • When making complex arrangements (e.g. welfare places in Halls; returns from Interruptions of Studies), ensure all relevant agencies are CCed on emails so that all those involved are aware of advice given and decisions made.  
  • Keep records of meetings with students where ‘life changing’ decisions are discussed.
  • Ensure you have written agreement (e.g. a confirmatory email) from a student about any major decisions they have made after discussion with you (e.g. choosing not to defer exams despite advice to the contrary).