Project Details:

I am developing calibration techniques for neutrino detectors in order to produce precise measurements of neutrino properties and ultimately understand whether neutrinos violate the CP symmetry of nature.


Start Date: December 2019

Duration: 4 years + 3 years possible extension

a) Why did you decide to come to Imperial?

I came to Imperial because I knew the High Energy Physics group from my PhD studies and therefore knew they were a good, supportive group to work with and that they had significant technical expertise that was not available elsewhere.  Finally, the high quality of Imperial PhD students was a big factor in joining the College.

b) What advice would you give to new applicants interested in the same fellowship scheme?

Apply!  More seriously, make use of the PFDC resources when writing the application, the team there helped enormously.  Similarly, ask a professor in your field to do a mock review of your proposal – they will find any holes in the research you are proposing to perform. 

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