If you have any questions or concerns that you wish to discuss, you can contact your supervisor or Research Community Postgraduate Academic Tutor.

Research Community wellbeing contacts

All students

If you have any issues which you prefer to discuss confidentially with a female member of staff, the following contacts are available within the Department:

Female contacts

Prof Lesley Cohen

Prof Lesley Cohen

Prof Lesley Cohen

Prof Ji-Seon Kim

Prof Ji-Seon Kim

Dr Yvonne Unruh

Dr Yvonne Unruh

Dr Yvonne Unruh

Other academic contacts

  • Jerry Chittenden

    Professor Jerry Chittenden, Department of Physics

    Personal details

    Jerry Chittenden PGR Tutor

    0207 5947654

    Support available

    Jerry’s role is the pastoral care of students. He listens to students, suggests solutions, and ensures that appropriate support is given where and when it is required.


    Room: 744 Blackett

Other support available


Students who may have been the victim of a sexual violence might choose to approach their personal tutor for advice, guidance or continued support.  

The Checklist for members of staff who are informed by students of sexual assaults is designed to help personal tutors (and other colleagues) to guide students in the immediate and subsequent steps that can be taken and other support students may wish to be made aware of. 

Further guidance and information about sexual violence and how to get emergency help can be found via the student space website. Information about the Sexual Violence Liaision Officers (SVLOs) and their role can be found here.