This year we were unable to run poster sessions in person in the department, so we would like to share their posters with you online here. The posters are organised by research group. Please feel free to contact the students to discuss their projects.

2020-21 MSci Project Posters

Experimental Solid State

Blockbuster drug design by blocking transition states - Yanlin Chen and Yiqiu Zhang

Dipolar Coupling Control of Vortex Based Spin Torque - Cameron Anderson and Gennadii Gorbun

Electronic Structure Methods for NISQ-era Quantum - Harvey Cao and Maxim Ramsay King

Fabrication of complex 3D micostructures using volumetric polymerisation - Ervinas Bernatavicius and Sintija Raudonyte

Investigation of topology of electronic band structure using symmetry analysis - James Beaumont and Tara Kheradmand

Nanothermometry of gold nanoparticles - Rachel Diamond and Georgia Foot

Nonlinear Effects in ITO and GaP Nanolayers‌ - Taran Attavar and Jakub Dranczewski


Modelling the Transition of a Large Urban City to Electric Vehicles: Which Policies Reduce Emissions and Electricity Demand - Lisa Winkler

Removing inter-subject technical variability in multi-site magnetic resonance imaging studies - Archie Atkinson and Nicholas Brown

Plasma Physics

Developing a Platform for Laboratory Astrophysics using X-Ray Driven Ablation - Fabio Ribeiro Brady and Aditya Sudharsanam

DIY Deformable Mirrors for Focal Spot Optimisation in a High Energy Laser System - Vedin Dewan and Maximilian Kellerman-Stunt

Kinetic Modelling of Parallel Transport in Tokamak Scrape-Off Layer - Sadik Ameer

Nuclear Astrophysics Experiments in Inertial Confinement Fusion Facilities: Analysis of Nuetron Densities for S-Process Experiments and Approximations used in Light-Ion Cross-Section Measurements - Idoia Garin Fernandez

Phase-Contrast X-Ray Computed Tomography - Christopher Ninham

Shocks in Magnetised Supersonic Plasma Flows - Jacob Davies and Bartosz Krawczyk

Simulated X-Ray Phase Contrast Tomography - James Calder and Joseph Cameron

Stabilising and Measuring Optically Levitated Microtargets - Tim Klee and Thomas Smith

Quantum Optics and Laser Science

An Initialisation Strategy for Addressing Barreen Plateaus in Variational Quantum Algorithm - Bingxin Li and Min Lin

Generating Correlated Photon-Pairs for Quantum Technologies - Dimitrie Cielecki and Benyam Dejen

Optimal Quantum Control Using a Neural Network Ensemble - Madeleine Hughes and Charles Kerwin

Optimising Bullseye Gratings for Single Photon Emission from a Dibenzoterrlene Molecule Using MEEP - Jacob Holleran and Vlad Petrica

Theory and Simulation of Laser Cooling of Ions in a Penning Trap - Xi Wang and Zai Zuo

Transfer Learning in Quantum Optimal Control - Jamie Leppard and Leonard Logaric

Theoretical Physics

1-Loop Quantum Corrections in String Theory - Daniel Pajer

Adapting and Improving Nature Language Processing Methods for Conversations - Shona Curtis-Walcott and Jonas Scholz

Black Holes and Branes in Supergravity - Benjamin Muntz and Julien Ripoll

Bosonic String Theory and T-Duality - Imran Abdul-Rahman and Hamza Breteche

Bosonic String Theory, T-Duality and Extended Geometries - Naseem Khan and James Thorne

Branes and Black Holes in Supergravity - Muchen Li and Stefani Stefanova

Entanglement Entropy in Casual Set Theory - Callum Duffy and Joshua Jones

Geodesics on Driected Acyclic Graphs - Wang Choi and Alexander Taskov

Hamilton-Jacobi Formalism for Chaplygin Gasses - Yordan Ignatov

On Geodesics in Directed Acyclic Graphs - Sung Moon and Saeed Sanei

Quantum Violations of Macrorealistic Inequalities - Luxmie Muhunthakumar and Shantralmalar Rasa

Scalar Field Entanglement Entropy in a 2D Casual Set - Hans Muneesamy and Théo Keseman

String loop corrections in bosonic string path integrals - Brett Oertel and Omar Shahpo

Time in Quantum Mechanics - Yusheng Jiao and Zeqi Zhang