2021-22 MSci Project Posters


Condensed Matter Theory

High Energy Physics

Event Classification at SoLid using Semi-Supervised Generative Adversarial Networks - Robert Jones and Edward Palmer

Are B Anomalies Breaking the Standard Model? - Tanjim Chowdhury and Brandon Tollan

Classification of Higgs Boson Production Modes using Machine Learning - Ekaterini Veroe Protopara and Philipp Sonnenschein

Particle Event Generation using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) - Samuel Shapley and Ansoon Poon

Using Machine Learning to identify the production modes of the Higgs boson in the diphoton decay channel - Xiaohan Wang, Jonathan Langford and Joe Davis

Causality of the Relativistic Scalar Field - Prijith Babu Pradeep

Search for New Physics Using Machine Learning Techniques - Oskar Höberg and Jakub Pazio

Machine Learning to Improve Electron Reconstruction at the LHCb - Rashid Faqiri and William Thornton

Investigating the efficacy of Novel Statistical Methods in Neutrino Oscillation Analysis - Luke Boyden and Roberto King

The COMET Muon-to-Electron Conversion Search Experiment - George Mercieca and Banjamin Harris

Investigating Single Pion Production from Neutrino-Nucleon Interactions Using the MK Model - Balaji Harihar and Nicholas Mok

Boosted decision trees to identify hadronic decay products of tau leptons - Talia Rahall and Hrishi Shah

Evaluating AI-generated article hits for Beyond the Standard Model searches with COMET - Noam Mouelle and Irene Andreou

Search for Axion-like particles at the LHCb - Harry Anthony and Anni Kauniskangas

DeepMODE - A Neural Network for Tau Decay Mode Classification - Adam Brzosko and Fin Osman Sellwood

Quantum Optics and Laser Science

Theoretical Physics

Bosonic String Theory, Geometrics and T-duality - Dogan Akinpar and George Doran

Branes and Black Holes in Supergravity - Ciaran Dunleavy and Zhihao Wang

Bosonic String Theory and T-Duality - Sam Bartlett-Tisdall and Simran Dave

Planet 9 Detection with High-stability Atomic Clocks in Space - Rowena Sun and Su Ann Lim

Branes and Blackholes in Supergravity - Ziwen Arno Liu and Yuelin Shen

Positivity Bounds for Scalar Field Theories - Yifeng Zhu and Samuel Gurnett

Epidemiological Modelling of COVID-19 Using Bayesian Inference - Georgios Alevras and Sulaiman Rasool

Pre-Big Bang Physics: Homogeneity in Casual Set Cosmology - D. Arribas Blanco and M. Emili García Segura

Spectral Geometry of Causal Sets - Julia Dannemann-Freitag and Antoine Vauterin

Horizon Entanglement Entropy as Spacetime Mutual Information - Lucía Cuervo Valor and Marcus Allen

Rigidity of Faithful Embeddings in Causal Set Theory - B. I. Gyurus and C. A. Rossi

Is Bach Chaotic? Interpreting Bach Chorale Works Through Information Theory - Joseph Wang and Manuel De Aguiar Pestana Nunes Gageiro

Spatial Networks - Jing Wang and Ta-Jen Kuo

Bosonic String Theory and T-Duality - Steven Hsia and Xinjiayu Zhang

Horizon Molecules In Causal Set Theory - Arjun Kolli and Maxim Postolovsky

The Leggett-Garg Inequalities In a Spin Chain - Adam Taylor and Wentao Li

From One Electron to a Dead-living Cat - Theodoros Yianni and Yuhang Peng

Detecting Gravitational Waves Using Space Clocks - Jon-Man Chung and Yuyu Lee

Black Holes and Branes in Supergravity - Alex Coglin and Marcos Fernández Barreiros

Exciting the Bound State through Multiphoton Scattering - Yinghao Huang