October 2019

woodMaster student

Max Schwarze is a Master student from the MPMS program, joining our lab for his first research project. He will work on electrotropism genetics, a project at the heart of the lab interest! Good luck Max!


September 2019

plmPLM14 meeting

GS attended the 14th edition of the very succesfull Physics Of Living Matter Symposium, hosted by the DAMPT Centre for Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge University, with a poster on our electrotropism study.  A great venue, for a great meeting.


garnetInvited talk

GS was invited to give a talk tilted "Light-sheet microscopy for plant roots" at the GARNet Workshop on Advances in Plant Imaging, hosted by the Un. of warwick. Interesting people and inspiring talks!


woodNew post-doc

Matt Teft is joining us from the Gifford lab at Warwick Un. He nwill be working on bioelectricity in plants, on an exciting project funded by the Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University, with whom our lab has been now affiliated for 3 years.


August 2019

woodAffiliated PhD student

Livia Kalossaka is a PhD student in the group of Connor Myant, in the Dyson School of Design Engineering, who will be visiting our lab to work on a collaborative project involving novel methods of addictive manufacturing applied to plant root growth in artificial environments. We are very interested in applying our recent work on root electrotropism to devlop novel methods for the agri-tech sector. Stay tuned!

woodUROP student

Soo-Jeong Kim is joining us for a UROP project this summer. She is very interested in 3D bio-printing and intrigued by our research on root electrotropism. A great asset for the lab. Welcome and have fun !


April 2019

woodMaster student

Briony Parker is joining the Lab to complete her second project towards her MRes in Molecular Plant and Microbial Science. Briony will work on the genetic mechanisms regulating root electrotropism in Arabidopsis. 

singleLab technician

Maddalena Salvalaio joined our Lab as a Research Technician. She will help us extend our results on Arabidopsis root electrotropism onto crop species. The project is funded by the BBSRC Impact Acceleration Award. Welcome Maddalena, and enjoy the cool project!

March 2019

beeInvited talk

GS was invited at the Electrical Cell Biology workshop organised by the Bio-Electrical Engineering  (BEE) innovation hub at Warwick University. The title of the talk was "Feel the force: root electrotropism in Arabidopsis". The workshop was a great success, and shows an exciting community emerging around the novel concept of Bioelectricity!

ug studentsUndergraduate students

Three new undergraduate students joined our Lab to complete their final year project: Danyn Patel, Finbar Gaffey and Hannah Wilson. Welcome to all of you, it will be fun!

February 2019

polThe brand new Imperial College Network of Excellence 'Physics of Life' has been launched! Our Lab is proudly a member of the Network, and we believe it will act as a springboard for further collaborations at the intersection between Physics and Life Sciences. This can be only good news!


January 2019


The Lab has successfully secured a short BBSRC Impact Acceleration Award to support the project "Towards a novel root guidance system for intelligent agriculture".