The early career research stage is interesting, intellectually challenging, pushing back frontiers of knowledge, working with talented people from around the world – all fantastic things.

But have you ever …

  • Wondered what the next career step is going to be?
  • Wondered if you can have a university career?
  • Felt surrounded by researchers who are brighter and more together than you?
  • Felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of ‘stuff’ you are supposed to do as a researcher?
  • Thought of leaving academia but have just spent so long getting to this point?
  • Looked at those ‘high ups’ in your institution and wondered where the women are?

So, what if you could …

  • Step back to understand your career options in and out of the university sector
  • Explore what is important to you so decisions are based on your values
  • Get clear no-nonsense advice to help you get that next position
  • Learn tools to help you set goals and realise them
  • AND … what if you could do this with a bunch of like-minded women?

UNIque provides this opportunity through online materials and weekly webinars!