Imperial Mobile

Imperial Mobile is a mobile app enabling students and staff to access College information and services anytime, anywhere.


Services available with Imperial Mobile

When you first open Imperial Mobile use your College username and password to access the student/staff profile, guests can register with an email address.

Opt in to push notifications on your device, and in your device settings to receive news and alerts from the College. Further instructions can be seen at the bottom of this page.

Users will be able to:

  • Access your course timetable
  • Read, reply to and create College emails
  • Explore the A-Z guide of College services and facilities
  • Search campus maps
  • Search the Library catalogue and view account information
  • Get the latest College and Union news and find out what’s on
  • Get live travel information
  • Report a defect in your hall
  • Log an issue with ICT via ASK
  • Receive push notifications
  • And much more...

Arrange your homepage

Arrange feature enabled on Imperial Mobile showing done andreset buttonsUsing the 'Arrange' feature you can now personalise your Imperial Mobile homepage to move tiles around or only show the tiles that are relevant to you. 

To arrange your homepage:

  1. Click on the app menu
  2. Click on 'Arrange'
  3. Hold and drag tiles to move them around
  4. A cross will appear on each tile - click the cross to remove the tile you no longer want to see
  5. Click 'Done' to save your updates

Reset your homepage

To reset your homepage:

  1. Click on the app menu
  2. Click 'Arrange'
  3. Click reset
  4. Click on the tick to save

Push notifications

To receive push notifications (alerts) from College you have to opt in via your device and via the in app settings, and then by selecting the Alert groups you wish to receive push notifications about.

Opt in to push notifications from your device

You can enable push notifications on your device settings for Imperial Mobile app.

To disable push notifications from Imperial Mobile app, deselect from your device settings.

Opt in to Alert groups

The default setting on the Imperial Mobile app is set to opt out of alert groups. Therefore you must select the Alert groups you wish to receive push notifications from within the app Alert settings.

Alert group push notifications will only contain information about the specific group you have selected, for example, if you select ‘Undergraduate student’ alert group, you will only receive alerts containing information relevant to undergraduate students at Imperial.

Alert groups are set up so that you will only receive relevant and timely push notifications to help you with your work, studies or Campus life, or to support the work and research of Imperial College London.

For example, if you select 'All students' you will receive alerts relevent to the entire student body.

You will not receive third party advertisements or information unrelated to Imperial College London.

You may receive alerts regarding app problems or upgrades to ensure optimal user experience and functionality updates.

To opt out of any Alert group you can untick the group listed in your Imperial Mobile app settings.

Urgent alerts

All app users will be automatically opted in to one Alert group only - the ‘Urgent’ Alert group. (All other alert groups are opt in by default.)

This ‘Urgent’ Alert group has been set up to contact app users in an emergency, crisis or urgent situation only and is an additional communications channel to current procedures.

Contact if you have any questions about your data.

How can I send push notifications?

If you are part of a department, student group or campus service you may be eligible to use Imperial Mobile to send messages to our mobile users. Push notifications are authorised and sent by the Imperial Mobile team. Requests can be made by emailing Imperial Mobile.

Showcase area

Supported devices

iOS version

iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, OS 9.0 and higher.

NB: Some functions and features require device specific technologies, such as Bluetooth and GPS that must be present and enabled.

Android version

The following (Google supported) versions of the Android operating system are directly supported:
  • Lollipop (versions 5.0 – 5.1.1)
  • Marshmallow (versions 6.0 – 6.0.1)
  • Nougat (versions 7.0 – 7.1.2)
And devices (hardware) that support Open GL version 2.0
NB: Some functions and features require device specific technologies, such as Bluetooth and GPS that must be present and enabled.

Windows Version

Web version

Any mobile device with a browser.

Installing Imperial Mobile

When launching the app for the first time, please be connected to Wi-Fi as it downloads the campus maps and other information.

When you first open Imperial Mobile, you have to register with an email address and password. (If using a non-College email select Guest profile.)

To see your student/staff personal profile use your College email address when you log in. (New students will receive their College email account once their place is confirmed by the college to UCAS.)

What is available in the app?

This information is only available to staff and students at Imperial - you will be asked to enter your College username and password to login:
  • Email - Read and reply to your College emails (remember to login using when using for the first time)
  • Timetable - view your timetable
  • Library account - view your library account information and search the library catalogue
  • ASK ICT - log IT issues with the service desk
  • Report halls defects - log a problem in your student hall room
  • Mentimeter - Class room voting
  • Department PC Availability - View current PC availability in your department
  • Your pay - access your work payslip (If you receive your College payslip monthly via ICIS you can get your payslip via the app)

Imperial Mobile contains the following information available to all:

  • A-Z Guide - a guide to College and Union services including campus facilities, catering outlets, sport, music, library, accommodation, careers, IT, welfare and useful contacts
  • Locations - search the South Kensington campus map for buildings, catering outlets, accommodation, shops and cashpoints
  • News - get the latest news from both the College and Union
  • Events - see what's on across Imperial's campuses
  • Social media - follow the College on Twitter and read the latest student blogs
  • Library search  - find books or articles
  • Central Library PC availability - view current PC availability in the Central Library clusters
  • Emergency contacts - Get emergency contact details for on and off Campus
  • Transport - Live travel information to get you to and from Campus
  • New students - Get prepared for College with pre-arrival essentials and Welcome Week information 

Help and support

Although Imperial Mobile is available to all, we can only offer help and support to College staff and students. If you require help, please contact us via the Service Desk, email the Imperial Mobile team or leave feedback via the app.

What happens if I change my Imperial network password?

The first time you view password protected areas within Imperial Mobile following a change of password, the application will request that you log in again.

How do I connect my device to Imperial’s wifi network?

Please follow the instructions on how to access the Imperial College wireless (WiFi) network.

How do I report an error with the content within Imperial Mobile?

Please email the Imperial Mobile team with details of the incorrect content. Please provide as much detail as you can. You can also provide feedback within the app.

How do I access my payslip?

You can access your payslip by clicking on the Your pay tile. For further instructions go to Online access to payslips. You can only receive payslips via the app if you receive your pay monthly via ICIS.


We'd love to have your feedback about Imperial Mobile. Use the in app feedback function or email your thoughts and suggestions to the Imperial Mobile team

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Got an idea for another Imperial app? Email the Imperial Mobile team.

For further help with Imperial Mobile use ASK or contact the Mobile team.