The world of research can be a challenging environment. The resources shared here are designed to help you to:

  • reflect on where the challenges are coming from
  • be more conscious and mindful of what is happening
  • try new ways of thinking
  • engage in activities to build resilience and have a better sense of wellbeing

Wellbeing resources

The challenging nature of research

  • The challenges of being a researcher
  • How we need and respond to different levels of challenge.
  • What drains our energy and resilience

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Developing emotional intelligence (EQ)

  • Optimism
  • Imposter syndrome and the inner critic
  • The ingredients of motivation
  • The emotions of difficult conversations and relationships

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Building competence

  • Capacity for creativity and problem solving
  • Engaging in the learning process
  • Managing difficult conversations

Find out more about building these competencies

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Coping skills (feeling more in control)

  • Proactive choice
  • Time management
  • Review and stock-take

Learn strategies for coping with stresses and challenges.



  • Supportive and strategic networks
  • Alternative perspectives

Ensure your networks help support you and your goals

General wellbeing resources